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Sunday, February 17, 2008

You can never be to rich or too thin?

I can't speak from experience. I've never been too rich or too thin. But, what I've come to realize is that being both can be a real ego crusher. The rich part sounds kind of fun.....being able to buy as many pair of decadent shoes as I damn well please. But, the thin part.....I'm not so sure. Why? Because it seems when you are rich or a celebrity of some sort.....there's always some problem with your body. And, if there isn't---someone will find an issue with it. So, essentially, no one will let you be thin, fat or even normal without having something to say about it. Imagine having your image splashed across the front cover of a magazine for all the world to your bathing suit. I mean, it's horrible enough I have to see my image in a picture from last year's vacation! To think that the whole world would not only see it but there would also be words attached to it! My boss would see it. My father would see it. Hey, even my 5th grade teacher would see it. "Look at that cellulite!" with red arrows pointing to my legs! "She's let herself go!" the headline would rage over a picture of me sitting in my beach chair. Nope, give me the relative obscurity of my life.....thank you. As much as I crave an entire wardrobe of amazing shoes, I would not give up my dignity for it. Nope, not my dignity. I'd give up a lot of other things---sure. Try me.

So, what got me to thinking about all of this? Well, last week, I was stuck in horrible was snowy and messy so everyone was moving very slowly. Even before I reached the tunnels, my morning tea that normally takes me from my kitchen to my office, was cold. So, I stopped in a convenience store to pick up another cup to get me through the next leg of my trip. Everyone else must have had the same problem. The line was long. You know what that means. Gossip magazines. Now, I will admit---I know what's going on in the world. I know Brittany is having troubles. I am very aware of who wore what to where. And, believe me when I tell you that Jessica had some work done. I know that JLo is expecting. I am in tune with what's up with Nicole and Paris. I'm completely up to date on Halle's new hairdo. I am privy to what the insiders are saying about Brad and Angelina. And, believe me, I am very aware that Kate had a secret tryst with Owen. Trust me, I'm up on celebrity gossip and fashion. It comes with the territory when you're the mother of a 16 year old girl. But, I truly had no idea that Dustin has blubber and Courtney has sagging skin. Although, I was thrilled to learn that Pearce loves his wife even though she does not have the body for a bikini. And, yes, I admit----as much as I love Niccollette's character on Desperate Housewives---the woman has no business looking so good at her age in a bikini. As I inched closer to the register, I noticed the caption "more photos inside". Let's face it----I did not know anyone in that store. I hardly ever stop there. And, considering the weather---well, I might need something to read as I sat in that traffic. So, I snatched the National Enquirer and quickly slid it under my arm. Yes, I wanted to see more photos. I know, I know....I should not be supporting a business that I claim to loathe. But, the promise of more pictures of the worst bikini bodies hooked me. Never mind that I had an entire slew of my own beach pictures that were definitely in THAT category!!! I'm an impulse buyer....what can I say? And, don't they say that misery loves company?


Marib said...


I have that National Enquirer too!
Your blog really is always FANTASTIC. How do you pick your topics????? Someone else here said it feels like you pluck things from HER brain and I feel the same way so many times myself! I'm just waiting for you and this blog to get discovered and then THE movie. You give me smiles and enouragement every day~~~~~~!
I hope you have a day off tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Monday laugh! Is that you there in the red bathing suit with the smoke? Yep, I knew it!
Looking good galpal, looking good!

Vicci's Daughter said...

I found this blog and Judi thru my mother Vicci who belongs to a creative women's group with her. I had Lapband surgery in December which made me interested in her journey. After 1 visit here I was a regular and have come here every day and sometimes more during hard days. I have not shared my surgery with ANYONE (except mom and family) which makes my journey and lifestyle changes lonely. Judi and her blog has been my link and my support. She writes like a dream and makes me feel like her and I are best friends. And I truly do feel that way about her! She is my sister, my friend, my mentor. A girl I do not even know! Sound silly? If you knew me you would think I lost my lid! Me~~~a PRACTICAL and DRIVEN accomplished woman feeling so attached to a women I NEVER met! But there is more to Judi than her lapband and her funny life. I am here to tell you that as much as you might love this blog, you should also know that there are so many things behind the scenes that Judi does no one probably knows! But I found out today! She honestly is the lovely, caring and wonderful person that comes thru on this blog. Today she touched me in the most special caring way and I want to tell everyone and I want to make sure everyone knows. I don't want her to get away with hiding behind her humor to make lite of how amazing she really is.
Thank you Judi for being here for me and for the special, dear things you do. You are an angel on earth! Now everyone knows!
Much love from my heart,

Anonymous said...

Wow Judi!
What a super-duper tribute from Babs! I bow to thee!!!!!! Maybe it's easier to get the insider info on the do good part of you cause I know you live and in person! Yee-ha, lucky me! No secret to the fact that Miss Judi, blogger extraordinaire, is beloved far and wide! (no pun intended) She is not just an angel. NO!!!!!!!! She is a WILD and CRAZY ROCKIN' ANGEL! Spend one day with this chick and you'll agree!
~just thought I'd mention it!~
BTW, Judi, you can never be too rich, too thin or too TAN! Shades of Dance Mama!!!!