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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Movin' on.......

Yes, it's time to move on. Forget about the weekend. Live in the real world. Not in my diva- about-town-world. So, I'm here. Feet firmly planted (but wearing diva-about-town boots). It's time to deal with ice and snow and school delays and what's for dinner. But, before I actually go-go into the light---I have to pause for a moment and strut my stuff. Remember my neighbor---the exercisaholic with the rock solid abs who has a PhD in some of kind of nutrition-exercise physiology thing? Well, this morning as I was teetering on my not-made-for-snow-but-damn-cute boots, throwing salt on the 3 inch thick ice patches that formed on my driveway, and holding on to the bumper of my car for dear life......she came over to chat. Actually, she needed some salt for her sidewalk. Anyway--there I was--in my cute boots, dressed up, ready to go to work with no coat to cover up my body and she says, in a shocked tone "my goodness, you look like a different person there, Judi! I hardly knew that was you!" If I could have lunged forward and hugged her, I would have. But, as I said---lots of ice. "OOOh, turn around girl, let me see you!" she gestured for me to let go of the car bumper. Considering it was impossible to do, I just wiggled my hips a bit to apease her. "You go girl!" she clapped in the air. "How long has it been since I've seen you? Oh, it must be 2 months!" she marveled, putting her hands over her mouth. (actually, it's only been about 6 weeks.....) "You look like a totally different person! Look at you all dressed up with makeup and everything!" she gushed. At that point, I wondered---is she commenting on my brand new Estee Lauder foundation and lip pencil, my cute little suede jacket that I got for pennies on the dollar or was she commenting on my wieght loss. I wasn't quite sure. If it was the makeup thing---I wanted to haul off and belt her. I am a makeup kind of girl so I always have makeup on--I wouldn't be out in public without it. She's never seen me WITHOUT make up! So, what was the big deal? Well, I guess if she always saw me with makeup and now I look even better---did I always look terrible before--even with makeup? Did my new foundation and lip pencil really make a difference? If it was the suede jacket---I could have bragged about the great deal I got. She is someone who likes bargains so she would definitely be impressed. So, what was it? "Thank you. Yep, I feel good!" was my generic response, hoping to get more of an idea of why she was so overwhelmed by my appearance. "Well, damn girl, you should! You look good! That jacket is great!" she said, touching it. So, it was my jacket. "Gosh, I got this for $4.99!" I bragged. "No way!" she screeched in delight. I gave her all the details. "Honestly, I don't know what it is, but you look so much younger!" she continued. So, it was my new anti-wrinkle cream....didn't think that! "And, look at your makeup, it's so perfect!" she said, tilting her head, trying to get a better glimpse of it. So, it was my new Estee Lauder foundation. "Seriously, this lapband thing of yours agrees with you!" Ah-ha, so, it is my weightloss! "Yeah, it's great," was all I could say---I was too busy basking in the moment. "Well, you look great. Younger. Healthier. Much, much better! Oh, yes, soooooo much better!" she went on. Okay, she could have just stopped at that. But, no...."Honestly, Judi, I can't get over it. It's amazing how different you look. Not as bloated or as uncomfortably overwieght as you did. You look like you are finally taking care of yourself. The makeup. The cute clothes. I can't wait to see what you'll look like when you finally get down to where you should be...." she continued. Just as I was about to throw salt on her, I caught a glimpse of my balloons. "Did you see my balloons?" I asked her. "Yeah, where did you get those?" she asked. "I really don't know" I wistfully told her. "Oh" she replied---looking very confused. "Yeah, someone delivered them to my house in the middle of the night on Saturday." I told her--no-big-deal-like. "Really?" she said, looking over at the partially deflated balloon bouquet that was tied to my porch post with a ribbon. "It was the funniest thing, I was out with my girlfriends and my sister on Saturday night and well, I'm not sure why but the next morning I woke up to find these. Everyone thinks they are from a secret admirer...." I casually explained. "Well, isn't that wild! You really don't know who they are from? Oh my gosh, I love it!" she clapped. "Funny, isn't it?" I giggled a bit---acting oh so cool. "Well, you just have to find out!" she told me. I just is time to move on, I told her. That weekend is behind me. My secret admirer will just have to suffer in silence. Afterall, I'm a happily married, busy mother and wife. And, even if I wasn't---balloons? Come on. It would take more than a clandestine, middle of the night balloon delivery to get my attention. "You are so right! What a crock! Balloons!" she huffed, folding her arms across her chest and then dramatically nodding in agreement. Yep, I'm moving on, neighbor. And, I'm moving on looking and feeling soooooooo much better, thank you very much......!

By the's a little e-gift I got that I thought I'd share. It's very inspirational. Isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

WHERE did those balloons come from? So funny! Sounds like a fun weekend. Wish you would have included ME!!!!