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Sunday, February 10, 2008

My 6 month Bandiversary, a size 2 dress, the perfect to die-for pair of shoes, favorite restaurant and red nail polish!

So, how does a girl celebrate her 6 Month Bandiversary? Shopping. Food. And, red nail polish. See, I'm just like everyone else. Oh, and you're wondering about the Size 2 dress? Well, I did buy a Size 2. Yep, I whipped my wallet out, pulled out my credit card and bought it. And, the shoes---bought those too. Oh, and I forgot to mention the matching purse.....oooh, so decadent! And, of course...what's a celebration without food? After the shopping.....headed to one of my favorite restaurants to dine on killer crab cakes and sip a lovely glass of Pino Grigio with 2 good looking, fun guys and a charming, gorgeous young lady. Then, it was red nail polish time. Shiney red nail polish. What a Bandiversary I had! I just love my Lapband.

Oh, and before I forget to mention.....that size 2 dress, those amazing shoes and purse.......Toni's (for her winter formal). But, that red nail polish was all mine!!!!!

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