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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One Hundred Battles and my Blog on The Web.......

In celebration of my
Blog Entry......

100 Things I learned (so far)
on my Journey
Lose 100 lbs.........

1. 100 pounds is a lot of weight
2. Weight loss surgery is not the easy way's a good way....not an easy way
3. A lapband is a tool, it's not a miracle cure
4. Protein is power
5. It's not a sin to leave a restaurant with your pants buttoned
6. Making one change can change everything
7. I got my blue eyes and my fat gene from my Irish grandma.....see, it all evens out
8. I am not a wimp
9. I don't need diet coke or tonic water to live
10. Blogging my way through this is much better than jogging my way through!
11. There really is a sexy woman living inside my body
12. Shoes are wonderful rewards
13. Sales people are nicer to thinner people
14. It's true---nothing tastes as good as thinner feels
15. My Lapband is not a secret----I tell everyone and tell them to tell everyone
16. Chai Latte is a miracle drink
17. My Magic Bullet loves me and I love my Magic Bullet
18. Spanx---not your mother's girdle
19. Not everyone at the gym has a perfect body
20. It's okay if I never fit into my wedding gown again
21. The people who matter to me know what matters....that's why they matter
22. The more weight I loose, the edgier my shoe choices become
23. I don't have to wear a blazer or a jacket over everything
24. Belts are beautiful
25. Black is not the only color that looks good on me
26. My scars may become my excuse for not wearing a bikini
27. My weight loss is my father's favorite spectator sport
28. I'm not afraid of becoming an object of desire
29. Looking good naked is no longer a requirement for me
30. Looking good in clothes is a requirement
31. Looking wonderful in clothes will happen with the right shoes
32. Shoes won't even help looking good naked. But it's okay. You have shoes.
33. Crossing my legs feels as good as I remember
34. Yes, I have more stamina for that (oh, you know what I mean...)
35. A restaurant size portion means I'll have lunch for the next day
36. Finding a good martini is an exhaustive quest
37. Crabcakes are not all created equal
38. Where has oatmeal been all of my life?
39. I really am vain
40. Sometimes you just need a new shade of lipstick
41. I am a very cheap date
42. I will never be able to eat a Big Mac and French Fries and I never should have
43. Living without pasta is really hard
44. Sometimes my lapband REALLY is in charge
45. I really could have been 300+ pounds by my 50th birthday
46. Cake and chocolate are overrated
47. Garlic really is the spice of life
48. I can and I will
49. Under my suburban-middle-age-working-mom cover, there lives a wild and crazy rocking chick living on the edge.......wearing tight jeans, a racey little tank top that says "I AM WITH THE BAND", red stilettos, wild earrings, spikey hair and a shamrock tattoo right there
50. 85% of my 40's were spent as an obese woman
51. Pounds love my body......they hang on
52. Your feet really do shrink when you loose weight.....are new shoes in my future?
53. This is my lapband honeymoon won't always be so enchanting and satisfying
54. I'm shedding more than extra weight
55. I can't convert every overweight person to become lapbanded
56. One day at a time is still a good idea
57. A scale can be my friend
58. Why did I eat so much for so long?
59. I am not really "big boned"
60. I am more than a pretty face
61. I come from a family of good cooks and force feeders who believe food is love
62. It wasn't just a thyroid problem
63. There's no excuse for cheap gin
64. Just because it's there, you don't have to eat it
65. You don't really need second helpings to survive
66. I don't want to throw up at a restaurant at the table
67. Savouring your food is a hard lesson to learn
68. Going out to eat really can be a social experience
69. Don't tell me you can live on raw food and pilates
70. I don't need diet pills/speed to feel energized
71. Once in awhile, I need compliments on my wieght loss. A standing ovation would be nice too.
72. A taste of success is critical to be successful
73. I was not meant to be an exercise nut
74. My fantasies were not fantasies afterall
75. A bad hair day is still a bad hair day no matter how much I weigh
76. Boobs really are made of fat.....they will shrink!
77. I am so damn lucky that sometimes it just makes me cry
78. It really is all about the little things
79. I was never really hungry
80. It's not all about looking good and feeling good but those are good things
81. My knees and my ankles did not ache because I was getting old
82. I am loved and always was
83. Fat acceptance is not my thing
84. I am a food snob
85. People really do need people
86. Bruce was right......about everything
87. I want my children to be proud of me and to be proud to be with me
88. Fashion does count
89. I am not perfect and I am not sure if I want to be
90. I really do want to know how thin people stay thin
91. People really do feel good when I mention them in my blog
92. The beach is always calling me
93. There were a lot of things I didn't do because of my weight....I just never knew it
94. Loosing weight won't solve all of my problems---just some of them
95. There's a place in everyone's diet for wine
96. Life is not about deprivation
97. Just do it, get on with it and quit whining and blaming everything and everyone
98. There's no excuse for not making the most of everything
99. Being optimistic is the only alternative
100. I don't know exactly when I will loose the 100 lbs and I am not sure what shoes I'll be wearing on that day. But, I know this----there's a road stretching out before me and I will travel it. My journey continues.....

Oh.....and here's one more.....

101. Thank You for traveling with me.....


Anonymous said...

You have been a big part of MY OWN lapband journey ~lost 36 lbs so far~. Your blog was mentioned in our support group a few months ago so I know you have a lot of fans since we talk about it sometimes at group. You are really like a ROCK STAR. hehe!
I really enjoy every post but wanted to congratulae you on your 100th posting and tell you that I have loooooooooved every one of them. I feel bad that I never posted to tell you all this but now I am. I look forward to reading your blog everyday and it is great. I hope you do get published someday. I always worry that you will quit posting so I would like a book to read that you wrote. You are doing great yourself and you are helping a lot of people. You will get to 100 lbs and you will wear great shoes when you do.
Thank you.
Lisa Avilla
Emerson, NJ

Anonymous said...


BRAVO girlfriend! BRAVO!
You are the best! And I knew that rocker woman with the tight jeans lived inside you. As a matter of fact, I know THAT Judi. For sure!
Happy V-D my fav blogger!

Anonymous said...

Sexy Judi,
Where is you tattoo? Thank you for having the EDGIEST SEXYIEST lapband blog out there. You always get me going. We would love to see you soon!
Bigbanded BOB
Missed me?

toni said...

haha you spelled lose wrong