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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Girl Scouts are Lapband Friendly........

Now, before you go out and hug a Girl Scout, I must tell you.......this is not exactly GOOD NEWS. Well, for me, at least. Yes, it's true, it's always nice to find Lapband friendly things. And, with all the trial and error that goes along with what is Lapband friendly and what isn't, it's always nice to get some advance info. For instance---I won't be eating steak any time soon. Let's just say it didn't go well the first time. I'll spare you the details. And, things got a little bit wicked with a bunless hamburger a few weeks back. So, I'm off steak and burgers for the time being. get the picture.....knowing what is good and bad can make or break your day.

In late January, when I placed several orders for Girl Scout cookies, did I have any intention that I would be eating any of them? NO! Absolutely not! In fact, when I got the order forms....I called Vince and Toni and said "now, remind me, which ones do you like?" Considering that I've been ordering Girl Scout cookies for ions, you would think I would remember which ones they like. Well, if truth be told---I know what kind they like. I'm their mother, afterall. They like what I like. Who do you think has been buying those favorite cookies and feeding them to my children all these years? Yes, it was just my clever way of getting myself (and the Girl Scouts) into accepting/believing that those cookies were NOT my cookies. Not mine. No, I won't be eating them. They are for my children. Clearly, I learned a lot of mental trickery during my decent into obesity.

So, my children's first supply of Girl Scout cookies arrived earlier this week along with my entire office's order. A very lovely coworker---a devoted Girl Scout mom--- carted in the delivery. Believe me when I tell you----we have an entire office of enthusiastic Girl Scout supporters! So, everyone swarmed the delivery person. Now, when food arrives in my office, glee follows. But, this was double glee---no one had to share their cookies! Everyone had their very own stock of Girl Scout cookies to take home and devour in the privacy of their own homes---or, of course, share with their families (if they so desired). Once we got our nicely packaged bags, we immediately hid them in our offices. As for me, my $21 worth of cookies belonged soley to my children. Fortunately, my smart coworker--the Girl Scout mom--knew to package the boxes in non-see-thru bags. I was especially grateful for her forethought. I did not want to be enticed in any way to take food out of my own children's mouths. Especially cookies that they so dearly loved.

When I arrived home with the cookies, I placed them on the kitchen counter in plain sight. I wanted to surprise my children with their favorite Girl Scout cookies! Toni was the first to spot them. "Look, Girl Scout cookies!" I excitedly said, showcasing them--a la Vanna White. "No Tag-A-Longs?" she asked. Hmmm. They must be in the next supply, I told her. With that, she headed to the was time for "E News". So, I called Vince on the phone---"I have your Girl Scout cookies..." I told him with great delight. "Yeah, thanks, I'll get them...." he responded without any measure of anticipation. "Well, I can bring them to you....." I offered. "No, I'll get them....." he said. "Okay, well, I'll pack them up for your trip this weekend...." I said, trying to coax some level of excitement from him. "No thanks" he responded. So, there I was.....with $21 of my children's Girl Scout cookies starring at me.

When Carmen arrived home later that night, he spotted the Girl Scout cookies. He immediately opened the Thin Mints. No coaxing needed......I guess they are his favorite. After he quickly devoured one sleeve of them, I decided I had to do something. Afterall, those cookies belonged to our children. And, most importantly, I knew that if I allowed him to eat another full sleeve of Thin Mints, he'd soon to moaning to me about the fact that he ate an entire box and how awful he felt and how he didn't need them and how could I let him do that. It would somehow become my fault. So, in self defense and to head off a night of bickering, I snatched the unopened sleeve and headed to the freezer with them. On my way from the kitchen counter to the freezer, it happened. I found out.....right there in my kitchen.....I can still eat an entire sleeve of Girl Scout cookies. Those Girl Scouts are a Lapband friendly lot......aren't they?

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Anonymous said...

You could have been writer for Seinfeild. Maybe you should do sitcoms. Thanks for being here with your fun view on the regular things I can relate to. I am with Toni on the Tagalongs.
Don't eat anymore cookies!