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Friday, February 22, 2008


The dreaded snowstorm came and went with little fanfare. School delays and a few closings. But, nothing close to the mayhem the newscasters had us prepared for. See, my novenas paid off. A big thank you goes out to my namesake.....the patron saint of the hopeless.....St. Jude (yes, it's true, friends, my mother named me after St. Jude....). So, you know what that means, don't you? Yep, the boys left on their road trip. They packed their bags and headed out the door. Well, it wasn't that clean or sweet of a departure but why bother with details......they are well on there way to Happy Valley (seriously, that is where they are going). And, what's most important is----I'm happily ensconced in my girly weekend where the only stresses will be what color to paint my toenails, what hairstyle will look best on Toni, what color eye shadow and lipstick she should wear and if I should drink wine or martinis. Okay, yeah, there might be a few other things I'll need to think about (should I really buy those leopard print shoes?). But, since I plan to live serendipitiously and roll by the seat of my pants while la dolce vita-ing---I say bring it on! So, if you don't hear from me, have no fear. I will return to tell you all about what it's like to be a girl about town, a chick living la-vita-loca and a high maintenance diva-queen living in a lipstick jungle.......!

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Anonymous said...

I will miss your posts this weekend (how about all this snow?) but can't wait to hear all about the girly weekend. Call me if you need help deciding on the wine or martini!