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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ushering out January......

with a night on the town........

As much as I am thrilled about a night on the town with my very spirited and gorgeous gal pals, let me tell you a little's really all about what I am wearing.
Or, more accurately--the size of what I am wearing....

Chico's Jacket--Size ZERO
Chico's Pants--Size ZERO-point-FIVE

Did you hear me? I mean.....did YOU hear me?

I can now officially declare that I have grown in and out of every size Chico's sells!! Whew. What an accomplishment!

Last weekend, during my little birthday jaunt, I made sure to include a visit to my favorite Chico's (in Happy Valley) on the planet. I was armed with coupons and a gift certificate and the great desire to buy myself something very birthday-girl worthy. The staff at this particular Chico's is wonderful.....helpful, honest, friendly and fun. They know their stuff and they know how to make you feel great.
What could be better?
As a matter of fact--this particular Chico's was the very first place that I found myself fitting into non plus size black pants. And, as I did my happy dance that day, they celebrated that moment with me! That is when I decided that Chico's is definitely the absolute best one on this planet!!! Even though I have my very own Chico's within 2 miles of my house.....
So, yeah, the Happy Valley Chico's is something pretty special.....
As evidenced by my visit last weekend......

I was shopping the sale rack, trying on jackets.....Chico Size 2
"Waaaaaay too big!" a lovely sales associate commented
"But, I like this jacket and you don't have it in a Size 1" I answered
"Let's see if we have it in a Size Zero!" she said, running off to find it before I could stop her and say "No, I could never wear a Zero!"
Moments later....she returned---not with the jacket that I was looking at but instead with another one.
"This would look great on you!" she said
"Is it a Size 1?" I asked
"No, it's a Zero!" she said, then added--when she noted my apprehension "YOU are a perfect Zero!"
When I doubted her, she pulled a Size 1 off the rack and handed it to me
"Just try this on for size" she told me
I tried it on.
"See, it fits great" I assured her
"Hmmm. Now, try the Size Zero on." she said thoughtfully
I complied.
A huge smile came across her face and she became very animated and excited.
"See! What did I tell you? THAT is your size! It fits so much better. Really shows off how small you are! The others are way too much material for you!" she exclaimed.
Then she motioned over to two other sales associates to come over
"Doesn't that look great on her?" she asked them
"She definitely wears a Zero, doesn't she? She has to quit wearing bigger things!" she went on.
"You know what that needs? Hold on! Oh my gosh, it is made for you! I know the perfect belt to show off that tiny waist....." one of the sales associates said, running towards the rack of belts.....

I felt like Cinderella going to the ball......
And, yeah, I bought it all....
(and a few more things....)

And, then at the counter as I was paying, another sales associate took my pants to ring them up and looked at me....
"Did you try these on? they are a Size 1." she said in a friendly-stern voice
"That's what I wear in pants here." I told her.
"No. Let me see them on you." she replied, directing me back to the dressing room....

A few moments later, as she assessed how I looked in the Chico's Size 1 black pants, she said
"You skinny girls just floor me! Why do you always hide your cute little bodies inside pants that a size too big for you? I am going to get you the zero.five! "

Now do you know why I just think that Chico's is the best one on the planet?

Let's get the party started......


Kathy said...

Now that sounds like the perfect shopping excursion. I love Chico's too.

Jody V said...

Congratulations Judi!! Holy crap...size 0...I'm having a martini in your honor tonight!! What a great story!


Sonya said...

Oh how lovely. Our sizes are much bigger here. lol I think I'll move there.

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

I was waiting for the sentence at the end when you say "And then I woke up!"
Holy crap. Last time I wore a zero was my communion dress, (Maybe)
Good for you girl. You certainly worked your butt off (literally) for that zero.