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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still operating on a delayed blogging schedule,

a lousy sleep schedule and an even worse eating schedule......

I promise to get it all fixed up next week.
I'm just horribly out of whack.
For starters, it's still semi-Christmas around my house.
If you recall, I was in the middle of de-decorating when my Uncle took a turn for the worse and then passed away on Saturday.
So, I have bags and boxes piled on the dining room table, the Christmas tree is still dressed and standing in it's place and Santa is still hanging out on my porch---as are all the Merry Christmas signage, the lights, the reindeer and the garland.....
Then, there's the fact that I have paperwork galore to finish up......just waiting for me to get an hour or two to organize it and then do it.
Then, there's Toni. She's still home for a few more days. We need to get her packed up.
And, of course, I want to spend my extra time with her.
And, last but not least--I'm just sad.
A little more than sad, to be honest.
I'm feeling odd......anxious, scared, fearful.....I'm not sure how to describe it.
What I do know is that it's not a typical Judi-like feeling.
And, I don't like it.

When I get this way, I find myself turning to Cari, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte for help.
With a side of chocolate and cheese.
It gets me through.
Yes, I turn to my Sex And The City girlfriends......on demand
And, I dig out some chocolate and some cheese.
And we spend the whole night together--into the wee hours.
Until I pass out......


Kathy said...

Oh Judi, I wish I lived closer to you. I'd hop in my car and buzz over there and help you pack up your decorations while you visit with Toni. I know how sad and out of sorts you must feel. It throws us for a loop when we lose someone near and dear to our hearts. Just be kind to yourself and if that means chocolate and cheese then so be it. Tomorrow is another day and today you need to be good to Judi. Take care dear lady.

Anonymous said...

I'll join you....


your friend laura said...

i'll be over in 10 minutes.

with love from pittsburgh,