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Thursday, January 7, 2010


yesterday it was it's EXTRA-SMALL......

Geez, will I make up my mind already!

There was a sale.
A big one.
The kind of sale where things are thrown all over the table.
Turtlenecks that were once $59.95.
Now $9.95.
At one of my fav places......
I love turtlenecks. Don't you?

I needed a red one.
A white one.
A beige one.
An orange one.
Oh yeah.....and another black one (to add to my very ample black turtleneck collection).
Everyone was digging through them.
With that dazed this-is-an-absolutely-awesome-sale-I-need-everything look

check the sizes, check the sizes! I ordered my best all-time shopping partner

Whew, it was rough.
But, we found them a very respectable size MEDIUM....
Kinda sweet for a girl who once bought those same sweaters in a 3X, don't you think?

Yesterday morning called for a black turtleneck.
So, I pulled out my newly purchased on-sale black turtleneck and began snipping off the tags.
And, what to my wandering eyes did appear?
A tag that said......XS.
Do you know that XS means?
To be honest--the only reason why XS was ever in my vocabulary is because my fav shopping partner is just a petite little thing....

In our excitement and haste and the fever pitch created by the other sale shoppers pawing through the sweaters, we must have picked up an XS instead of a M.

It was 6 am.
It was cold.
The outfit that I had so carefully chosen needed that black turtleneck.
All...and I mean all.....of my other black turtlenecks were in the dirty laundry.
Red would not do.
White didn't cut it.
Orange was definitely a NO.
Beige would ruin the entire look.
It had to be black.
It had to be THAT black XS turtleneck.

I'll tell you, sweeties....there were sweat beads forming on the back of my neck as I starred down that XS turtleneck. Time stood still as I carefully hoisted it over my head and apprehensively slid it down over my body. I was waiting for my arms to feel it's snugness first. Then, I was sure it would not go over my boobs or get past my waist. Then, I was absolutely sure it would be a belly-baring shirt.....
None of that happened.
It fit.
That XS black turtleneck fit.
Gosh darn, holy moly, it fit.

I was EXTRA SMALL yesterday......on a day that I wanted to be BIG......


Anonymous said...

holy crap!!!! that is awesome!!!

Jill from NY

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

XS? Only in my dreams, I have never ever been in small much less XS, CongratS

The Universe said...

I understand, Judi, that you must wonder, sometimes to the point of
bewilderment, at what you're truly capable of doing. Yet, therein lies the
"problem," because living the life of your dreams is far more about what
I'm capable of doing.

Surrender -
The Universe

Jody V said...

Good for you Judi!! I'll have to head over to Coldwater Creek myself and take advantage of that sale!!


Dinnerland said...


Jen from Oregon said...

way to show that black turtleneck who's boss!

Anonymous said... jealous! I must've been two yrs old last time I saw that size on my (ahem)backside.xoxoxo
That is awesome so happy for you.


Kathy said...

You lucky woman you!! Your day must have gone right after that happened. Did the other size mediums fit okay or were they too big?