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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to really break the American economy........

if every woman in America would wake up every morning, look in the mirror and say...."I love myself just the way I am!"

Think about it.

Yep, I could be blamed for a lot of things but I'm pretty sure I couldn't be blamed for breaking the American economy......


Barbara said...

Judi, wow.. kudos to you.. and I agree we need to all love ourselves a bit more than we do.. Happy Birthday

Sonya said...

oh...if everyone would quit wearing make up and dressing up and fixing their hair - then we'd all accept the way we were and would have more PC time in the mornings. I'd have to have the shower though. ha.

The Universe said...

What if funky, confusing, gray, lonely days were just part of a "system" that,
in turn, created bright, rich, happy, friendly days?

What if they were just meant to give deeper elements of your creativity a rest?

What if they were deliberately crafted holidays, of a sort, devised by your inner
psyche to relieve you from the pressure of artificial expectations?

Would you still bemoan them, wonder what's wrong with you, or fear that they'll
never end? Or, Judi, would they kind of tickle you pink?

You party animal, you -
The Universe