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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coming into the home stretch......

of being 50........

Perhaps that's why I'm slowing down just a little, changing courses a bit and putting my foot on the savour these last few moments...of being 50.

Yes, that's the story I am going with!

No need to worry, dear friends, I am not bailing out on my blog or my healthier, smarter way of life!
I'm still thrilled to death with wearing smaller sizes and cuter shoes.
And, my Lapband is still the absolute best thing I ever did for myself.
I promise. Pinky swear.
As a matter of fact, my blog, my weight loss journey and my healthier life have been on my mind more than ever.
Because the time has come to declare the end of this journey.

And the beginning of another.......

What I'm saying is that my weight loss journey is over.
(I can't believe I'm saying this!!)

It's time for the next journey to begin......
(sure, my next journey might include weight loss....if I need to lose some weight.....but, let's hope I never have to lose 100 pounds again!)

That's what I've been thinking a lot about.

So, please don't worry, my blog and my chatter shall continue.
And, I will still be supporting Lapbanding and weight loss efforts and all that good stuff.
And, I will continue to share my life and thoughts.

But, I want to do more.

When I turn 51, I will do it......

But, until then.....I'm savouring these last moments of being 50.

That is my story.....


Anonymous said...

Enjoy away dear sistah. Glad to hear you're not going are such and inspiration and have accomplished so much that the thought of not sharing it should give you the runs.....lolololol.

Luv ya too!!!!!!!


Kathy said...

Well, all I can say to that is Onward!! ( to quote a friend of mine)

Jen from Oregon said...

forge ahead!!!!
you rock!

Jody V said...

Wow...what a statement!! I hope to be saying the same thing by New Year's Eve. Or...something close anyway!