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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Running on empty.......

need to refuel, refresh and re-energize.

Winter doesn't really, really set in until mid January.
Mentally, that is.
That's when things go a little haywire and everything feels overwhelming and completely un-doable.
Maybe that's just in my world.

Morning comes and it's cold. The TV spouts off school closings and delays and road conditions and weather alerts. The car needs cleaned off. It's dark. The day ahead feels long. The evening's to-do lists look never ending. There's dishes in the sink, laundry falling out the doors and the damn Christmas tree is still standing. There's huge projects at work.
And, my eye brows need waxed.

So, I steal time and energy from other places of my life.
Lately, I've been hi-jacking blogging time.
In favor of a few extra moments of sleep.
Or, to catch up on emails and dishes.
Or, to fold laundry or do paperwork or clean up the living room or go to the grocery store....
Or, to just be.
I know. I know.
It's not right.
It happens.
We all do it.

Judi just has to get her groove back.....
If not that, I just need a few extra hours in the day, a truck load of energy shots and a tribe of eager and willing helper-bees......
And perhaps a new pair of amazing shoes.


Jody V said...

Hang in there Judi! I'm right there with you!


Jen from Oregon said...

Since I've moved to Oregon (from the Bay Area, California) I've struggled through five winters. They are hard! I hate the gray sky, the rain, the short days....
Spring is on its way...sometime
Hang in there!

Grizzlyrider said...

I just have to say, nowhere but PA would someone say "my eyebrows need waxed." Somehow Pennnsylvanians forget to say "to be" Just an observation. Great Post!