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Monday, May 5, 2008

A girl always remembers her first taco......

Mine? The spring of '78. In a sleepy little college town. In a yellow kitchen. With strawberry cafe curtains. On the second floor of a green house on Fourth Street. Oh so many years ago. So many tacos ago. There have been many since. But, I never forgot that first one. The one that stole my innocence. The one that left me wanting more.


BigBandedBob said...

Judi, I remember my first Mexican too! Texas: 1988!!!!!! BTW,
IT's Sex AND The City. NOT Sex IN the City!!!! LOL!
70 lbs~~~~~~~~~Ole!!!
Go Pens!

Anonymous said...

Only YOU would post a Cinco DeMayo entry on 5-05 at 5:05. On purpose or just the way the stars aligned? That's our Judi! LOL!!! You make everyday a holiday with your spirit and kindness! It's a day for margaritas and tacos! You are probably treating your office & your family to some Mexi fare! You feed everyone else! That's the secret of how you got rid of 70 pounds. Si, si, ole!


MariB said...

Judi, How dare you post that picture of tacos! I want a taco. I want a taco. I want a taco. I want a taco. 70 pounds of tacos! Urghhhhh.

Anonymous said...

you put a neat look on everything. hope you have a sugar free margarita to celebrate. tell us how the bathing suit shopping is going. 70 lbs! question:where does that weight go? don't send it my way
happy cincodemayo judi-minus-70

Angel Girl said...

70 lbs & 19 days till you put on a bathing suit! GO girl! You must be beaming! GO JUDI GO!
Long time no see! Pic plz!
Angel Girl