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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So many potions......

How's a girl to choose?

Anyone who has spent the greater part of their adult life trying to lose weight knows the score.
There are millions of ways to lose weight.
Many of them claim to be miraculous! 
Just pick one and you are golden.  
Then why is real weight loss so hard?

Well, I'll tell you why--with the  millions of products and services and programs promising weight loss, choosing which one you want or doing the trial and error method can take a life time. 
Essentially....what you've done is spent a lot of time, spent a lot of money, maybe lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of weight.....only to end up trying it to lose weight.
Yes, the cycle of weight can feel never ending and defeating.
Purely from a statistical standpoint---if you look at the millions of  miracle ways to lose weight that are so different---you can drink it off, sprinkle it off, carb it off, non carb it off, count your points it off,  pillpop it off, cut if off, exercise it off, pray it off and so on and so on--and the millions of people who want to lose weight, the numbers tell us that it really should be easy, easy, easy.  You can just find the program you like, do the simple things they tell you to do and walla.....the weight is off and your life is so much better! 
I'm not a numbers gal but it sounds pretty reasonable to me.
But, we all know that's not how it works.
Logic doesn't apply here.  

 So, why am I thinking about this right now?
Well, as I've told you a million times before, I am a weight loss junky.  I actually feel a wonderful high at the slightest hint that there's a new weight loss product or program or drug coming out!
My heart goes pitter patter and my toes start to tingle.  I get warm all over.  Even to this day.   
I swoon for new dieting programs, break-through dieting medications, you name it.....
Just when I thought I knew every weight loss miracle out there, another one comes along and makes me stop and go wow.
But, this one is over 1700 years old.
And, guess what?  I have it and I absolutely LOVE IT!
No, it's not my Lapband! 
Back up. Back up.  
One of my sweet students is from China.
She is forever bringing me gifts from her homeland.  Now that she is in her final year of school, her mother is now sending me gifts.   It is so endearing!
One of the first gifts my student ever gave me three years ago was a tea called Pu erh.   She's given me a few other containers throughout the years because she knows that I enjoy drinking it.  
It's a  Chinese tea that has the right balance of caffeine punch and a strong herbal yet spicey tea flavor.
Although I don't adore it as much as I adore my Chai tea, I like it very very much and have often told her how delighted I was to have found such an unusual tea!
The other day, my lovely student brought me a darling little package that her mother sent for her to give to was filled with little sweets, a embroidered pillow case and a beautifully decorated container filled with Pu erh tea.  Inside was a note written by her mother--which I could not read.  So, my student had to read it to me.  Her mother gave me a brief history of the tea--telling me that for centuries, this tea was presented to emperors and other royalty as gifts of honor due to it's extreme health benefits and anti-aging properties and that she was presenting it to me to honor me for being in her daughter's life when she was so far away from home.  So sweet!   She went on to say that her daughter told her I was getting "model thin" and she just knew it was from the tea! 
Her last comment struck me as very odd---I thought that maybe her sentiment didn't translate well.
But, I didn't want to dishonor the lovely note so I smiled and penned a note for my student to translate and send back to her mother.
Yet, her comment stayed with me for a few days.
So, I did what any other questioning person would do---I GOOGLED Pu erh Tea. 
Thousands of web pages came up.....touting the MIRACLE WEIGHT LOSS EFFECTS OF PU ERH TEA!! 

So, it makes me wonder.....was it my Lap Band of my Pu erh tea?



Chris said...


Care to share some tea??


LoriBang said...

So.........just where can we get some of this tea? I wonder if World Market would have some?