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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Morning Spring.......

You feel more like summer!  
Temps in the high 70's and low 80's?

Did you hear?
Bright colored denim is being touted as all the rage this Spring!
Upon learning this exciting news--and never one to be behind on fashion trends--I set my sights on colored denim shopping.
However, living in Pittsburgh, I figured I had a little bit of time to get rid of a few visiting pounds and research the best prices before getting myself a pair or two.
After all, I am usually still wearing winter duds through most of March.
Oh how the weather gods have messed with me this year!
I need those colored denims NOW.
Because with the way things are's gonna be bathing suit season any minute now.
And, that ain't a good thing. 
Colored denim---I can do.
Bathing suits---not quite yet. 

Hello Spring!

For your  Spring shopping's the best deals I found on colored denim.....

Canyon River (at Sears)--$19.99
Old Navy--Slim flared jeans--$34.00
Express--various prices $34-70.00
Chico's--wait for sales and coupons before scoring their animal print ones! 
H&M---whoa, you can find any color or! 

I've also seen them at Loft,  New York and Company, Coldwater Creek, Target and even Walmart!
So many choices!
I might have to have them in every color.  

Oh, and while we are on the topic of Spring......I want to share with you another item that you'll just have to run out and's the Stila Brand Lipstains.....OMG.....these things are the real deal.  I mean....the real deal....put it on in the morning and you've still got color going on at night! Trust me, I tried it out on St. Patrick's Day....I went from Top of the Morning to Tu-ra-lu-ra-lu-ra sporting Mango Crush!    It's not a shiny, shiny look so you might want to keep some gloss or maybe even some Smith's (Rosebud) Lip Balm in your purse or pocket to glide on for some gloss.  The Stila Lipstain also works as a blush.  What a bargain.....2 beauty enhancers in one!  Must have a lipstain to match each pair of colored denims!

I'll do anything to avoid talking bathing suits.....

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speck said...

I've seen those color jeans everywhere. I just pointed them out to my daughter at TJMaxx last week. I like them but I won't be wearing them. lol

I just broke down and bought a pair of white capri's this past week. I haven't work white pants....let's just say since elementary school probably. lol But I'm going to the beach and said, why not!

I do love them though!