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Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Madness?

March was nothing.
Just wait until  my April foolery.  

Forget lambs and lions.....March is going out like an Italian kitchen bitch here in Judiland.
I just finished making baked ziti for 75 people.
At midnight, I thought my kitchen was a disaster.
Right now, I am proud to say my tolerance level for messy kitchens has increased.
The fact that I can't see the counters nor get within five feet of the sink has not stopped me from making myself a lovely cup of strong, hot tea and coming into my cozy little office and doing a blog post.  As if I don't have a care in the world. 
As soon as I am finished, I am going to take a long shower, wash my hair, shave my legs and maybe even lather myself up with self tanner.
Then, I'm going to get myself all dressed up, put on my make up, give myself a few once overs in the mirror and then pack up all my ziti in my vehicle and drive through tunnels and  over hills and down winding roads to Collegeland for the Delta Zeta Parent's Luncheon.
By the time I finally get there, I will have forgotten completely about the kitchen.

I think I need another cup of tea.  But, I don't want to go back into the kitchen.

Give this blog some love......
Live. Laugh. Eat.
Ali is a lovely, sweet and smart young woman and a dear friend of my girl Toni.  Ali is  Nutrition major at The Pennsylvania State University and just started a nutrition blog.  Ali's blog is just getting going but so far it's filled with great information we can all use.  Plus, as an extra bonus--it's filled with youthful enthusiasm. 
Here's how she describes her blog:
A place where you can come to realize you can "have your cake and eat it, too"!
Eating healthy does not mean depriving yourself!  This blog will share tips on ways to lead a healthy lifestyle even with that super busy schedule of yours!  It will include ways to improve your well-being nutritionally, physically, and mentally.  So sit back, look around, and enjoy!

Tell her Toni's mom sent ya!!!


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FitBy40 said...

that is until you get home from the luncheon, then you'll want to stab your eyes out!
Have a great time.