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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Lapbanded girl's Flu Survival Guide.......

Don't eat Chinese food just because you think you feel better.

Having a stomach flu is not a Lapbanded girl's friend.
Last week, I was the victim of it's wrath.
And, believe me, it was not pretty.
What started out on Wednesday as just not feeling very well--headachey, chills, aches and pains--turned into a Thursday of trying desperately to get through at the office and a Friday of lots of flu activity ended up on Saturday with me feeling somewhat better but not energized enough to cook.
My son made a pit stop in Pittsburgh on his way home from his conference and my daughter arrived home for Spring Break.  So, of course, Mommy has to pull out all the stops for meals.  
We ordered from a very good Chinese restaurant and settled in for a family night of chopsticks and "The Hangover 2".
Yeah, let's just say that my Lapband got an amazing workout from all the stomach girations.
I can now report--with utmost certainty-that my surgeon put my Lapband in there to stay.
With all the stomach convulsions my Lapband had to live through between Thursday night and Saturday night, the fact that it survived in tact was miraculous.
I'm still feeling a little woozy just thinking about it.

Come back tomorrow when I will resume my motivational picture posts (before we were rudely interrupted by the FLU!)--Lapbanded Year 4!  

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