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Monday, March 19, 2012

Ghosts of St. Patrick's Days past.......

Yesterday, in the early morning hours, I found myself unable to sleep.  After a full day of St. Patrick's Day shenanigans, you would think that I would just pass out happily dreaming of cute leprecauhns and pots of gold.  Instead, I was dealing with the dreaded hormonal issues of a girl in the prime of "the change" as well as that last drink of the night..... (the one you should NEVER have!)
 Enough said.
So, as I stumbled down the steps, I was trying to decide if I should clean the kitchen, start making our Farewell to Spring Break Dinner or  download my St.Patrick's Day pictures and send them off to my St. Patrick's Day party gal pals.
Downloading the pictures a very wide margin.
Wouldn't my party friends be super impressed when they get an email from me at 5 am on the day after St. Patrick's Day?
They will think I'm still partying away......or getting ready for 7 am mass.  
(2 things the Irish are known for.....)
So, I put together a chai latte type concoction and sat down to go through the steps of downloading the pictures from my camera, putting them on Facebook and emailing them off to some friends.
(Won't everyone be thrilled when they wake up at some reasonable hour of the morning and find pictures?)
Between hitting "SEND" and going into the kitchen to make another chai latte concoction, I came back to my computer and found an email from one of party friends......

HOLY SHIT!  I didn't realize how much I have aged through the years!  
I just saved the pics you sent No more St. Paddy's Day pics!!!  
These are the last ones we will ever take!    If only I could sleep I might look better.   
 I don't need any more reminders that I'm getting older. 
Why in the hell are you still up?  Did you even go to bed?  Don't even tell me you got up to cook!

I was sorry to hear that someone else couldn't sleep....
I was just about to shoot her off an email telling her that we weren't going to stop taking pictures on St. Patrick's Day and make some silly joke about how someday we will need some reminders of what fun we had.  But, I decided that her tone of the moment didn't seem like she would appreciate it. 
At least not that early on the morning the day after St. Patrick's Day. 
However, her mania somehow transferred to me and  I found myself obsessed with our St. Patrick's Day pictures.
Why did she want to stop taking pictures?
I wanted to see for myself!  
What secrets do my St. Pat's Day pictures reveal throughout the years?
So, in the spirit of my recent pictureography.....I will share with you a Historical Romp through St. Patrick's Days in Judiland.......




 Maybe it's all the GREEN but I think we are all aging pretty well.....!

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Chris said...

The only thing getting bigger on you through the years is your smile :)