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Friday, March 30, 2012

I lived to tell about another week......

Leaving the house last Saturday night.....
Last week, summer rolled into Judiland....teasing us with temps in the high 70's and low 80's
It was enough to send shivers up my spine thinking that bathing suit season was next week.
But, true to Pittsburgh weather....this week brought with it a killing frost, hail, high winds, rain, sunshine, name it....everything except snow. 
On the home front, it was another week of trying to get my act together in every aspect of life.
Even though it felt like I worked enough to get 25 people's acts together, I sit here at some ungodly hour of the morning with a sink full of dishes in the kitchen, an overflowing hamper of dirty towels in the bath room, a pile of mail that needs sorted on the dining room table and the knowledge that my work email is overflowing, my desk at the office has many undone things waiting for me to do and I am quite sure my phone is blinking up to high heaven...possibly even completely filling up my voicemail box.  Not to mention that I have to make baked ziti for 75 for tomorrow and I think I need a good dose of self-tanner.
There.  That's it.
No.  I forgot.
I have a super emergency.
I am out of my favorite wine.  

Happy Friday!!!


Chris said...

What are you doing in my house???

Jody V said...

Have a great weekend Judi!

Lee Ann said...

Judi, I so appreciated your card. And the necklace too! It's so cute, it seems to match everything I have, it's one of those versatile pieces. :) We are missing Pittsburgh already, as I knew we would.