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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mondays are just not fair.
If we have to face Mondays then I firmly believe that we should ease into them.
Get up a little later.
Lounge around.
Take our time getting dressed.
Get into work in time for lunch.
Catch up with everyone about their weekends.
Take a little walk, grab a chai.
Spend a little time making a to-do list.
End of work day.
Get a pedicure.
Have a glass of wine.
Go home and read magazines all night.

I just think too much is expected of us on Mondays.
Don't you?

Thank goodness I'm not expected to start a diet on Mondays anymore.....


Sonya said...

Woo Hoo...I am with you girlfriend on that one! I'm just getting spoiled from the weekend and have to go back to work. My status on FB today is "Sorry folks, I'm not moving any more than turtle speed. I'm not in the mood to move at the speed of light yet". lol I got a lot done today. But I moved at my own pace! lol And my own pace is not too slow, but I'm just sayin'...they want things done like before they gave you the project. lol

Tina said...

I am with you on this one!!

well except if we could just stop pretending and retire!!