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Friday, April 15, 2011

It seemed like a good idea......

at the time.

I thought I was climbing my way out of my dreaded stomach virus.
I was feeling well enough to move from the bed to the couch.
By way of the bathroom....of course.
My head was still pounding but I could actually walk without the assistance of the wall.
So, late in the afternoon, I made myself a comfy little bed on the couch, figuring I'd spend the next few hours watching HBO on demand.
Nothing like hanging out with my Sex and The City girlfriends and my mobster buddies, The Sopranos, to lift my spirits and start those get-well vibes flowing.
Clearly, I underestimated the power they have over me.
Before I knew it, I was starting to feel like I needed a chai.
My good health was returning!
All I had to do was put on a baseball cap, some lip gloss and dark shades and I would slink out of the house and go to the Starbuck's drive through.
Sounded like a perfect plan.

Girlfriends and mobsters sometimes make me do things that aren't always good for me.

Never let anyone tell you that a chai latte should be the very first thing you consume after hours and hours and hours of a stomach flu.

I just thought I'd mention it to you.
In case you ever need that advice.
You can thank me later.



Jody V said...

Feel better Judi!

Tina said...

that sounds like no fun at all..feel better soon!