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Friday, April 8, 2011

Go Nuts!!!!

It's good for you!

Yes, it's Friday.
By the time we get to this point in the week, many of us feel like we are about to go nuts.
Instead of going nuts....why don't you just pull that little bowl of nuts that's sitting at the bar closer to you as you sip your wine at Happy Hour.
Pop those nuts in your mouth, drink that wine and chat with your friends!
Wine. Nuts. Friends.
They are all important to living healthy and slowing down the aging process. don't need colonics and botox!
All you need is wine nut friends.
That's the kind of breaking news I like to hear on a Friday!

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britt said...

Judy on the RLS, your Iron might be low. Cause my mom had it too and when she went to the doctors they told her having low iron will cause that. She has take an iron supplement everyday. It works wonders. If she forget and doesn't take it for a couple nights, she is up all night miserable. Just a thought :) love you