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Monday, April 25, 2011

FOOD--the most powerful body and mind altering drug.....

Why didn't I blog this morning?
Because I was hungover.
Yes, friends, I had an Easter hangover.
Little malted milk eggs, peanut butter eggs, Lindor truffles.....and.....then, the grandbunny of them all.....THIS....
The worlds' most amazing coconut cream pie.
It took me over the edge.
Waaaaay over the edge.
I tossed and turned all night long.
I could feel the sugar and coconut and the cream beating up the inside of my body and mingling with the chocolates--churning and churning.
My head ached this morning.
My mind was foggy.
My limbs were shakey.

I am still recovering......almost 24 hours after the coconut cream pie eating episode.


Food.....the body's worse nightmare!
I know it.
So, why do I do it?

I'm heading into
I hope they let me watch Sex and The City reruns there.....

1 comment:

Kathy said...

I understand....I didn't happen to O.D. this time but I know those terrible symptoms so well. I hope you feel better soon my friend.