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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blogging to be better........

That has always been my intent.
I started this blog as a way to keep me focused and committed to my Lapband journey.
I hadn't planned on blogging forever.....just a little while.
I wanted to be a better Lapbander.
I decided to engage my passion for words and writing and connecting in order to do that.
Better. Stronger. Better.

Then, it blog became as much a part of my journey as the Lapband itself.
And, here I sit.....3 years and 9 months blog is still alive and well.
It's a part of me.
Like my arm and my leg.
Like my Lapband.
I even bought myself the cutest little red Lenovo ideapad laptop so I can easily blog anywhere.
At Starbucks....over a chai.
At DeBlasio's.....over a martini.
On the front porch.
On the deck.
Perched on my kitchen stool.
While I watch Sex and the City reruns and Food Network.
As I sit with my dad through another episode of Walker: Texas Ranger.
In the car.
And everywhere.

I am in love.
So much so that I want to be better.
Not just a better blogger.
Just better.

As expected, I've been amassing a little wardrobe of covers so that my ideapad always looks fashionable.
It's just so cute and darling and perky.

Never in a million years would I imagine that I....of all people...would call a computer darling and perky and cute and gush over fabric to dress it up and feel compelled to be better....just because of it.
Yes, I admit it....I even had a cover custom made for it.....leopard print with red roses.
Makes complete sense.....doesn't it? I mean, I couldn't find a ready-made one!

Like all good ideapad makes me want to be better.
My blog inspires to be better.
My desire is to live up to them both.
And, to be better.

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