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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chicken, artichokes, lemon, spinach, wine and cheese....OH MY!!!!

That's what I cooked in the middle of the night......what did you cook?
Let's hope you didn't cook.....

This Restless Leg Syndrome might be my path to the fame I always dreamed of.
How about Food Network show.....

The Restless Chef

Can't sleep?
Get outta bed and cook in your jammies with Judi!
No grocery shopping required!
Use only those ingredients you have in your kitchen!
Your house will smell amazing in the morning!
You will be exhausted but your freezer will be stockpiled
with innovative concoctions!

This Restless Leg thing is truly problematic.
I know, I know, it's all I've been talking about for days.
I apologize but it is what has been running my life....
I cannot get comfortable. I cannot sleep. Nothing is working.
I can be so impatient...
Although the discomfort has been going on for awhile, its becoming a bit more pronounced.
I'm not sure if I was more tolerant of it when I thought the nightly leg aches were a result of wearing heels or I was able to put up with them better when I figured they might have been the pains associated with aging.
But, seriously......
Now that I've self-diagnosed it as RLS and I know that the best way to relieve the ache is to move around....I'm putting off going to bed for fear I won't fall asleep and when I finally do climb into bed and then find myself frustrated with not being able to sleep--I just bounce out of bed.
Sure, I could go and clean out a closet or scrub the baseboards or kill dust bunnies.
But, those activities do not soothe my soul.
Cooking does.
So, I just head down into the kitchen and start looking for inspiration.
I mean, I can't go grocery shopping at 2 am in my jammies.....even though they are some very pretty jammies...

Here's the basic recipe.....I can't really tell you exact amounts because I was being very creative....
Judi's Restless Chicken with garlic, basil,
artichokes, lemon, spinach, wine, cheese and pine nuts

*I had a bag of frozen chicken tenders, 1 bag of frozen artichokes, 1/2 bag of fresh baby spinach so that's what I used
*Use a large saute pan
*Melt 1 stick of butter with 2 heaping tablespoons of minced garlic (from a jar)
* Add a twirl of olive oil
Saute the chicken (they were frozen so it took a little while....just put the lid on the saute pan)
Sprinkle liberally with pepper, a little bit of salt
When the chicken is cooked, dice into smaller pieces then return it to the saute pan add a bit of chicken stock, about 6 z of white wine (I used a Sauvignon Blanc), a handful of chopped basil.
At this point, I just cut up 2 lemons and added them to the mixture (remove them before you serve, of course)
Cook all of this together---let the flavors mingle.
Then add the artichokes and spinach. Add a little more chicken stock and wine if you have it.
Toss to coat everything well and let it cook until the spinach is pretty wilted and the artichokes are falling apart.
Add a handful of parm or romano cheese. Toss well.
Cook for a little longer.
Throw in a handful of pine nuts. Toss well.
Add more cheese if you like.

I tasted a bit of it a few minutes die for!
It would be so amazing over pasta. So amazing.
On it's own, it's still amazing.
That's just how amazing it is!

Trust me....if I did not have my Lapband, I would not be able to leave my house today.
I would sit home and eat the entire thing!

Stay tuned for another episode of The Restless Chef....


Amy said...

Mmmmm, that sounds excellent! It would be great over cauli-rice, and I just posted the recipe, so perfect!

And sorry about the RLS. My grandpa had it really bad, too, and really struggled with it. In fact, he and my grandma slept separately all their lives, because it was so bad. :(

Jody V said...

I hope you feel better soon, Judi. Thank you for posting this delicious recipe. I just added it to next week's menu!

Darlin1 said...

Soooooooooooo when do you sleep??