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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring has sprung., April showers and

all that jazz.....

It's a bit of a whirlwind week here in my little suburban hamlet.
And, it's only Tuesday.
Yes, Judiland is still recuperating from a busy Easter weekend filled with lots of cooking, cleaning, more cooking and more cleaning and kids being home and friends and family coming and going.
Oh and wine.
21 lovely bottles of it.....
Yes, it was a good weekend.
Very fun.
Very busy.
Now, only the remnants of all that funness and busyness remain.
That doggone Easter bunny came...leaving behind a trail of dishes and glasses that must to be put away and leftovers that need attention.
Please....can someone come by and pick up those pretty speckled malted milk eggs and lovely mini cream puffs that are inhabiting my space?
Save me from the temptation and deliver me from the evil of their goodness.....
Oh, and while you're here rescuing those sweets from my fridge.....could you empty the dishwasher, put away the linens and possibly clean the floors, haul away the trash and finish up the laundry from last week?
And, just in case you have a few extra minutes while you're here....would you mind scrubbing the shower stall? It could really use it.

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Band Groupie said...

I'll come and clean for you, and you can cook for me ;-) Burgh Sisterhood...great idea...are there others LOL or will we be the originals?! (I'm up in Cranberry).