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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Note to self.......

stay connected.......

By the time you reach 51, if you're lucky--you have a life filled with people.
More friends.
More family.
A full life.
A busy life.
No holds barred.
To-do lists up the ying-yang.
A world that always needs a piece of you....

It's so easy to lose sight....

Sometimes you just need a reminder that you have to stay connected....really connected.
To the people in your life.
Not just the people that you see everyday.
Not just the people who you are connected to by virtue of commitment or obligation.
The people in your life....even your yesterlife.....
It's not easy.
It takes time.
Life gets in the way.
Dishes and laundry get in the way.
As do jobs and kids and partners and parents and siblings and computers and emails and blogs and sleep......
Today gets in the way.
This moment in time zaps your energy, your thoughts, your intentions.
Well, you get the picture.
We get busy.

Last night, someone reached out to me to tell me she needed me.
And, in that communication, she told me she was sorry she didn't stay connected.
And, I felt guilty.
Because I did not stay connected.
She needed me.
Not tomorrow.
Not next week.
Or next month.

Sure, I had suitcases to unpack.
And laundry to do
And emails to answer.
And taxes to finish.
And dinner to cook.
And phone calls to make.
And a couch to lay on.....

It all had to wait.
Someone needed me.
And, she had the courage to tell me.
After it was all said and done and the tears were gently wiped and the embracing arms were unfurled---I found a peace that I haven't felt in so long.

Sometimes the world has to wait while we make it right again.
Sometimes everyone and everything has to wait when the call comes.

I slept better last night than I've slept in a very long time.

This message may not make any sense to anyone....except to those people who need to be reminded to stay connected.

That was my public service announcement for today.....
I hope you listened.
I hope you had the energy to listen.
Because life can be so tiring..... I know.


Sonya said...

That was a great entry. So true. Good words. Have a great day.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful. And so true!
Thanks for a reminder.

The Universe said...

Be the love, Judi, you wish to see in the world.
Turn it up,
The Universe

Harriet Schwartz said...

This is wonderful.