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Monday, January 5, 2009


We've officially broke free from the grips of the holidays. Well, not completely. It just feels that way...sort of. Today--it's back to the routines we left behind a little over 2 weeks ago. Vince is the only person in the house who still has time left to his holiday break. So, he'll be sleeping in, hanging out, doing what he does. For the rest of us--it's back at it. Part of me feels very sad. Another part of me feels relieved. But, no matter what I feel--I know that it's time.

The cookies and candies are all piled in the trash and the mountains of leftovers have found their way to the same place. In 2009--I just have to cut back on the food! Remind me, please. And, the gifts have all been put into their proper places and the wrappings and ribbons have been recycled. Funny thing is--I can't even remember what gifts were wrapped in those pretty papers. In 2009--I have to take the time to savor each gift as they are being unwrapped. Remind me, please. Oh...note to self--I don't need any wrapping or bows or cards or tags or tissue paper. Remind me about that case I forget. After all...I'll be nearing 51 at that point.

Okay...I have to confess--the Christmas tree is still standing in all of it's splendor. And, the stockings are still hung by the chimney with care. And, baubles are still decking the halls and the mirrors and the tables and the sinks and the doors. The evergreens with white twinkling lights are still framing the door and my big Santa is still standing on the porch. But....they've all somehow lost their sparkle. How is it that less than 2 weeks ago--they were all so beautiful and special and festive and heartwarming? And, why is it that today--those same things induce stress, have worn out their welcome and feel overly cluttery? Well...the good news is that when I finally do get them all put away in my Christmas storage room--they will magically regain their glory over the next 11 months. So, by the time I dig them out in November or December...they will be heavenly and welcomed with open arms and happy faces.

Yes...we had a very nice holiday season. From what my weary mind can recall. But, now it's time to get beyond the making merry and get on with January. I'm thinking I might try to adopt a new mind set about the cold and dreary days that lie ahead. Instead of dreading them....I'll try to roll with the snow and the ice and the cold. I'll take the time to enjoy the warmth of cuddling up in a blanket on the couch with a cup of tea. And, I'll work really hard at not planning every second of every weekend so that I can take pleasure in nesting and cocooning and maybe organizing some closet and drawers. And, rather than fighting winter's fury, I am going to relish it. I'll watch the howling winds whip through the trees, the snow pummel the roads and the ice form on the windshields. Yes, I'm going to embrace the coming winter months with gusto and purpose. Or not.

Onward. It's the only choice.

Oh...I just remembered...our favorite shoe store has their gigantic sidewalk sale in January. Now, that's something to relish, embrace and enjoy. Forget all that other stuff I said....


Kathy said...

Now there's the Judi we all know and love. Have a good week at work Judi. Out with the old and in with the new.


Jody V said...

That's the way to keep the post Holiday blues away! I plan to get back to the gym full time. Also, let's start being arm chair gardeners. Order your seeds over the winter to be ready for the spring planting. Something to look forward to...that's what we need at all times!! Oh...and shoe sales!!


MindyNTexas said...

Judi, thank you for your great comments on my blog , I look forward to reading yours !