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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where am I going?

Is it okay with you if my journey never ends? Do we always need to have a destination? Must we always have a road map? I mean, where in the hell are we going anyway? And, when we get there---don't we have to go somewhere else anyhow? We can't just say "okay, I'm done". Can we?
I think I just want to keep traveling. No. I need to keep on traveling. So, maybe it's best that I didn't lose 100 pounds yet. To be honest, I'm not sure what I'll do the day I figure out that I lost 100 pounds. Will I sit down on the side of the road or will I dance in the street? And then what will I do? Will my journey come to an end? No. Probaly not. My body is not one of those bodies that ever stays the same weight for even a 4 hour period (what kind of aliens are those people who say "I weigh the same today as the day I graduated from high school"?) I'm sure I'll gain 2 pounds within 24 hours of hitting my 100 pound weight loss. So, I'll have to hop back on the road to loosing 100 pounds again. My body will make sure that my journey will continue. And, I guess that's good news. I know my journey will have to end sometime. But not now.

Speaking of traveling......
According to a recent study, the higher the cost of gas, the lower the rate of national obesity. Apparently, people would rather walk to work (or at least to public transportation) than shell out major dough to fill up the their tank.

What cut backs have you made due to the high cost of gas?
5 points for each tip you share!

Only 3 more days to collect points!!!!


Daffodil Hill said...

Let's keep this journey going! I never stay the same weight for very long either. : /

Due to gas prices, I:

Stay at home more.

Consolidate errands.

Have my kids pick up things because they are in town anyway.


Shop less.

Make do with what I have on hand.

Brilliant, huh! ; )

Babs said...

Hi Judi,
I am probably nowhere near winning anything but I am glad to share my tips. How do you come up with this neat stuff?
-Mom and I got a rental outside of NYC for the summer. She stays 24/7, I used the flex time at work so I work 4-10's and get a 3 day weekend. I use public transportation all week, car pool to & from our rental with a few others who come out here from the city so no car on weekends at all. No big summer trip for us either. It has been surprisingly the cheapest summer I have had in years!
-Walk, Walk, Walk
-Bicycle for quick errands
-Grocery shopping online and have it delivered every other week

I want to share that I would have NEVER even thought of doing any of this if it wasn't for my Lapband. NEVER EVER NEVER. I owe it all to my Lapband and in some very special way to you, Judi. KNOWING YOU is my biggest tip of all!!! 8=)


Jody V said...

Hi Judi -

Here is what I have done. I let my DH use my VW Beetle convertible for work since he has a Suburban (HUGE sacrifice taking my BABY!!). It saves on a lot of gas. I walk to the local store now for whatever we need. I do the same as Daffodil when it comes to making do with what is on hand.
I work from home at least one day a week.

Jody V

MariB said...

I will not be entering the question comments since I have already WON SO MUCH! I can't wait for my shoes to come! So sorry my appt got moved. I just wanted to stop by here and see what you have going on and to thank you again for the great shoes. My office (your fans too!) can't wait to see them too! Good Luck to everyone on the questions. It will be fun to see who wins this!
big hugs,

Gerry said...

Even though it's tough to say no to my kids..I've cut back by lending my car out to them. They either have a truck or van so when they go out & since their vehicle inhales gas they would ask to use my car to save on gas. In theory the three of us are cutting back going out so much...and it's easier to say, "Are you nuts, your not using my car, gas costs to much!"


Ashley said...

well i pretty much do everything that everyone else all my errands at one time, walk more, stay home i can't car pool but frank does so that he doesn't have to use his truck(which is a ton of money save there!) plus if you keep your car in good shape like that oil and air filter and such that helps on gas. plus you tire pressure too, make sure you have the right amount of air in them and that also helps on gas.

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

Ok, here's the thing. I haven't changed anything in my life one bit becuase of gas. It never affected my life before and it won't now. Advantages to my living in the city.
My life mantra has always been, "if I can't walk to get a gallon of milk in a snow storm, I'm never living there!!!!"
So I walk to the store to get that milk, always have, always will.
The news is making such a big deal about vacations and staying home. Don't know of anyone who altered vacation plans or any plans for that matter.
If you can afford to spend 1,000 on a vacation, what's an extra 100 bucks for gas?