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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well, that went fast....didn't it?

One year ago today I had Lapband surgery. ONE YEAR AGO TODAY. August 10, 2007. It was a Friday. I was 48. My hair was blonder. I wore white (Q: what 3X woman in her right mind wears all white and then gets her picture taken? A:one that knows it's a BEFORE picture.) . Clearly, I was having a bad fashion day. And, a bad hair day. It was hot. I was dieted out. I was scared. I was happy. I was wondering if I was crazy or not. I was worried. I was doubtful. I was hopeful. I was OBESE.

Now, it's ONE YEAR LATER. I'm still Lapbanding and I'm still blogging. Who in the hell knew I had such staying power? Evidently, my Lapband surgery was a success and I have quite alot to say.
Although I would love to take all of the credit....I'm a show off like that....I could not have done any of this without some very special people. No one ever travels any road alone. Yes, there are times when we think we're alone. We are not. Even if it's just a voice we hear in our head. We have our peeps. And, let me tell peeps are amazing. Yes, I have my peeps to thank for where I am today. I could not have gotten here without my peeps. you feel like you're listening to an Academy Awards speech right about now?
Are you worried that I'm about to start naming all of the people who I owe my success to?
Well, you're safe. I'm not going to do that to you. Instead, I'm going to ask you all to do me a big favor.
Here we go....
-Stand Up
-Click your heels together
-Take a bow

Yes, folks....I'm giving you an SO (standing ovation). Why? Because you happen to be some of my peeps who got me to where I am today. Don't be shy. Take another bow. Curtsey if you'd like. You can twirl if you want. Oh go ahead...I imagine some of you want to life up your shirts....go right ahead. We'll wait. Okay, okay...those of you who want to shoot a my guest. This is your moment to shine.....

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....

Now, if you're waiting for me to announce the winners of my Bandiversary Blogapolooza right here, right now. You're out of luck (hey you got a standing ovation....what more do you want?) Why? very kind and mathematically gifted blog reader emailed me earlier today with a complete run down of the scores. However, this mathematically gifted blog reader also reminded me that readers should be given until midnight tonight to submit entries. I hadn't thought about that. See what I mean? Where would I be without my blog readers?
So...I guess you'll have to stop by tomorrow to find out who the winners are. In the meantime...did I mention it's my Bandiversary?

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Jody V said...

Congratulations Judi!! You have done an amazing job. It was so much fun following and participating on your blog!! Thanks!