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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Every road leads home.....

It's hard to leave the beach. It's just not easy. But, it's lighter this year. I'm not taking extra weight with me. It's been a lovely vacation....filled with family, friends, laughter, sunshine, amazing meals and tastey libations. A perfect way to spend time away from normal life. Not that my normal life isn't filled with family, friends, laughter, sunshine, amazing meals and tastey libations. It's just just like everything all feels better, tastes better and seems the edge of the earth...where I dig my feet into the sand and watch the waves as the world turns.

As my journey home begins, I feel a bit melancholy. Not sad. Just pensive, reflective, filled with thought. In a few hours, I'll be fine. My thinking will turn planful the further we get from the beach. I'll make lists in my head and start my typical mental calesthetics. By the time our vehicle pulls into our driveway, vacation Judi will be gone. Well, not totally gone. But, gone enough so that I can adapt to life on land. Maybe that's the key---always keep a little vacation in life. A little of that wanderlust and devil-may-care attitude. A little of that sand between my toes.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Judi,
I hope your trip home was a safe one. I emailed the mailing address you will need. Now I am thinking that instead of spedning the money on mailing I culd meet with you when I come in to Pgh for my next appt at Magee this week. Just thought of this now (sorry). I am at my sister's place for a few days (in MD) and did not have your email address on me to tell you this plan and wanted to catch you before you mail it.
Please email me and let me know what we can work out. I am excited for the shoes!

Anonymous said...

Off to "my beach" (Erie!) for a few days. Hope to see some pictures here when I get back!
Taking some of those drink recipes with me (thanks to all!)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You were missed more than you can imagine. Don't forget to bring your vacations pictures to work.


Babs said...

Sorry it's been so long. Mom and I got a "summer rental". Yeah, we are sooooo toostie! I am commuting to the city and she is hanging out and trying to figure out her next phase of life (both of our lives probably!) This is the first summer of my adult life that I am living as a normal sized person. THANKS to my Lapband and YOU! This is mom's first summer in a long time alone (since my dad died and she married again). So decided to do it together.
We don't have youur email address with us so please email us when you get home. Mom wanted to update you and I'd like you to get her back to your creative woman's group in the fall (FORCE HER!).

Bella The Banded said...

Hi Judi,
I feel like I know you even tho this is my first post because I was too afraid to post from my office computer (I JUST GOT MY OWN COMPUTER!! YIPPEE!). I have been reading yours for a long time and even went back to the beginning when I realized I was falling in love with it! Every morning before I start and every lunch hour I spend with Judi (my invisibale friend HA!HA!) You really have a gift for writing and you are inspiring to me. I did not get a chance to enter the shoe drawing but now I want to ramp up on getting points. Can you start having more quizes so I can try to win? I am happy MariB won since she seems very sweet. She posts to another blog and a forum that I read too and she mentioned winning the shoes. She was so excited. You might have even more readers now because of that!
Anyhoo, I found your blog thru another lapbanded person's blog that mentioned you. YOURS is the best ever. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading it and that I miss you when you don't blog. There are even days that I WORRY ABOUT YOU! How funny is that?
You sound like you had a good vacation (Judi is a lucky gal, I kept saying!). We can't go this year because of my lapband (took out a loan to do it) but maybe another year. But I live thru you so I guess I was on vacation! LOL!!!!
You are the best Judi!

BigBandedBob said...

Tally HO Judi!
Send me your email address. You have to see my SEXY pictures! Professionally done! Patty and I will be out in Oakland for my 1 year this week and we would love to get together with you (and maybe your cuddleboy!) We miss you and want to see our favorite banded girl! Bet you have a great tan on your new bod! Are you thinking plastics yet?
Want to discuss that our group need to get together to celebrate. Our whole August group. I'll post here with the info to try to round them up. We have some of the email addresses but not all. You are/were the leader, want you to be involved.