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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

These shoes are made for walking......

The perfect summer walking them! 

Now that I've fallen madly in love with a new summer walking shoe, it's time to revamp my walking regiment.  
More hills.  Add a little extra time and distance.  Maybe even add one extra weekend walk.  
Sometimes all it takes is a fun new pair of shoes to take my walking game up a notch. 
Whatever it takes....right? 

It's no secret that maintenance is hard work.....even with my trusty beloved Lapband.
With the summer party season in full swing and my cooking obsession raging, I have been struggling to stay within a 5 pound range.   One of my favorite pair of dressy white capris are not looking too good's messing with my summer wardrobe planning.   And, I am not too happy about it.
White is not the most forgiving color when it comes to pants being even just a tad too tight.
Not even a pair of Spanx seem to be invisible in those damn white pants.
Sure I can go out and buy a new pair of dressy white capris...
But...will I be able to replicate the love I have for these particular white capris without going through several pair before I hit on just the right ones?
I know how I operate....I'll buy a pair that I think I love and then when I realize that I am not in love with them, I'll be back out shopping again and again and again....buying up more dressy white capris.  I have done just enough summer  shopping that my budget might explode if I buy three or four pair.....just to find the right ones.  
So, I did what any good budget-minded girl would do......I bought a new pair of walking shoes instead.  
With these shoes and the new bounce they will give to my step.....I'll be back in those white capris before the first firework.....