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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just call me Miss December......

The first holiday party is upon us.
And, there's a few "Join Us for Some Holiday Cheer" invitations hanging on the fridge.
In between all of that, there's cooking and cleaning and shopping and decorating and lots of other fa, la,laing.
And, of course, there's outfits to plan, menus to plan, gifts to plan and plans to plan.
From here on out, it's jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.

Yeah. Yippee. Yahoo. Woooo Hooo. Wowwwwwee.
Trying to get into the spirit.
Perhaps I'll get myself a candy cane.....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trot that Turkey........

And, take all the other goodies too!
Turkey # 4 is's perched in all it's Thanksgiving splendor in it's roaster down in the basement fridge!
If you know anyone looking for a fully cooked 16 pound turkey....let me know.
Did I really need 4 turkeys????
I'm just so excessive.
Now, I'm left with the evidence of my excessiveness.
There's also 4 different kinds of stuffing, 2 different kinds of mashed potatoes, 3 different kinds of gravy....not to mention about 100 different kinds of cheeses, dips, crackers, breads.....AHHHH!
When will I ever make just one of everything?
My house is overrun with it all!
I tried, I tried, I tried.
I wrapped up all the leftovers and made care packages to go back to Collegeland and PhDLand.
But, it was not to be.
My Collegeland sweetie wanted nothing to do with any more food.
My PhDlander wanted less than half of what I lovingly bagged up for him.
And, so, here I sit with a fridge filled to the brim with luscious leftovers.
And, they are so noisy!
They keep calling me.
The parmesean herb mashed potatoes and the gingersnap gravy are the loudest.
No wonder I have a monster headache.
I mean a monster headache.
Perhaps I should try to block out that foodie call and try to soothe my soul and banish this monster headache with a little walk down memory lane.....
A Blessed Judiland Thanksgiving Weekend......
when my house and my heart were full!

Turkey #1......Thanksgiving Day!
Getting ready to share another blessed Thanksgiving......

Heading out for some Black Friday fun with my favorite shopping partner....
Turkey #2....Our annual Thanksgiving Saturday Turkey Fry--My brother-in-law, the turkey surgeon, shows Carmen what his special knives can do as my nephew stands by hoping to snag some turkey skin....
Turkey #3--Turkey Fry Night--My sister and my nephew guard the fried turkey (under the foil)....

Turkey Fry Night--Let the eating begin.....
Let the eating continue.....
My after-Turkey Fry kitchen......not exactly a blessing!
I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was just as blessed!

Time to deal with this headache......

Friday, November 25, 2011

Put on your SUPER SHOPPING CAPES.......

It's time to unleash our super powers and show the world what we are really made of!
Shop off that turkey and those mashed potatoes super shopping friends!
We're all in this together.....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am so thankful.......

for so many things.
On the top of my list is this blog.
I am so grateful for this blog.
It's connected me to who I always wanted to be...a writer.
It's connected me to my lapband journey.
It's connected me to YOU.
As far as I am concerned.....YOU are the reason for it all.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Twas the day before Thanksgiving.....

and Judi is stirring.....

It's all-turkey all-the-time today. Well, not really all-turkey all-the-time all-day. There's also stuffing and side dishes and all those other delicious friends of the turkey.
And there's those non-friends of mine to deal with as well--like--floor scrubbing and dish doing and bathroom cleaning and garbage wrangling.
But, first, without further adieu, it's Mom's famous homemade pumpkin pecan pancake making time.
That's what I promised my kids.
So that's what I'm gonna do.
Off to stir them up......
(My secret recipe...shhh...don't tell my kids.)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good Morning Tuesday.......

Although, let's face it, sometimes I party at work!

This morning I have an early morning breakfast chat session with a group of wonderful women that I would have never met if I didn't work.
But, why in the hell do we have to do it at 6:30 am on the other side of town?
The answer is because we have to get to WORK.
Isn't that always the answer?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday supper was all I dreamed it would be.......

except for the fact that my Lapband didn't like it too much.
I've been wrestling with Sunday supper since Sunday supper.
The pain is painful. The misery is miserable.
I've haven't been the same since I got up from the table.
I am wondering if I will even make it through the day!
Thank you dear fill technician for not giving me a fill.
Are you sure you didn't give me a fill?
If this is what's in store for me come Thanksgiving, I think I might just have to make lots of extra mashed potatoes and a ton of my good gravy......

As it turns out, my Lapband is filled to capacity.
So, it was decided that I would not having a fill at my appointment on Friday.
However, I did have my fill removed, measured and checked.
I still had to deal with the really big needle....just to be sure all was well.
My lovely fill technician didn't even add a smidgen.
Even though I did not have a fill, I could swear I was not this tight before I got it removed, measured and put back in.
What the hell is going on here?
At the moment, I am so effin uncomfortable that I can't even continue to blog......

Happy Monday......

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gathering around the table.....

There's nothing quite like a Sunday dinner on an autumn day when my nest is full.
Yes, today, we will be a family of four.
Sunday supper with the four of us.
This is heaven to me.
So, I'll be dragging out the Thanksgiving china and crystal and setting a festive table.
The kitchen will be bustling with the sounds of cooking and laughter and bickering and clanging pots.
Maybe we'll even listen to the radio station that's playing Christmas Carols 24/7.
An aroma of anticipation will fill the air.
As far as I am concerned, nothing tastes as good as a family dinner and all the activity that goes with it (except for the doing the dishes).
Vince arrived on the scene with a cache of recipes he unearthed that he wants us to try.
So, he'll consider himself in charge of the goings on. Upon his orders, I bought a mandolin for a recipe he will be putting together. He said he'd take care of manning the mandolin (go right ahead....) . He will also be taking charge of the grill(more power to you....) for the delectable steaks that are the currently sitting in a yummy marinade.
Toni will happily stand by and watch the commotion. Her brother will chide her for not helping and they will banter incessantly in their famous brother-sister way.
I'll sip my Beaujolais Nouveau.....the new stock just came out on the's lovely, btw.
Every once in awhile, Carmen will break away from football to give us his advice.
I'll busy myself with preparing a new-to-me salad, figuring out what to do with a pile of zucchini and a few logs of goat cheese while cleaning up after my son the guy who will be fancying himself as the head chef in his mother's kitchen.
And, did I mention there will be Southern Pecan Pie with chai infused whipped cream for dessert?
It will be a day to cherish.....
Time to get into the kitchen!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Let's take a break from TALKIN' TURKEY......

Only one more week until the biggest shopping day of the year!!!

In the spirit of the commercialism and materialism of the holiday season, let's share our best 2011 Black Friday inside scoops.
If I'm getting a Lap Band fill today, I need to take a break from holiday foodie talk.
Might as well talk about shopping.....
If you've got any information on what deals await the us shopping faithful, don't keep it to yourself......TELL US.
You are among friends.....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The turkeys are coming! The turkeys are coming!

Only 1 week to go.......
You can thank me for reminding you later.
Right now, I suggest you have that cocktail.

In Lapband news......I have my 4 year appointment tomorrow morning at 9:30.
Is there a fill in my future?
If so, that's one way to deal with Thanksgiving.......

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The mailman delivers more than the mail.......

sometimes he just makes your day when your day needs made!
Yesterday was one of those mornings when the weather was lousy, my hair wasn't working and I wasn't quite sure what to wear. Did I want to go with a red sweater or a black one? My indecisiveness was messing with my lipstick choices and I could not seem to untangle one of my go-to necklaces from a pile of jewelry that was haphazardly laying on my dresser.
It was just one of those mornings....
On top of that, I had something not-so-fun to deal with that I had to deal with. Never a fun way to anticipate the day ahead! So, you get the picture....
But, I forged ahead. I focused on fashion and make up instead of misery and agony. That's always a good choice, I figured. I decided on the red sweater--which meant that I would go with red lipstick (one of my go-to favs when I need a go-to color--Autumn by Estee Lauder). I messed around with my hair, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. With a little wrangling, I managed to get my necklace from the pile to my neck, took one last look in the mirror and decided it was the best I could do.
Lucky for me, I unearthed my trusty leopard umbrella from the bowels of my messy coat closet, I found my heavier rain coat and even remembered to pack a lunch.
Things were kinda looking up.....
Not so fast.
I still had to deal with that one thing I was not looking forward to.
I took a deep breath, said a little prayer and off I went into the rainy, ugly morning.
Before I could deal with that not-so-fun thing, I had to stop for gas.
Pumping gas on a rainy morning is not a favorite of mine.
I pulled in next to a mail truck, got out my credit card and proceeded to wrestle with the payment swiper--with it's endless stream of yes & no questions. I huffed and puffed and whined just a little.
The mailman next to me gave me a quick nod, signaling that he understood my angst then he went off into the convenience store.
As I was finishing up, the mail man walked by me, we exchanged a pleasant nod and then we both went towards our cars.
Then, I heard the mailman say "excuse me..."
I figured I must have dropped something or that my gas tank door was open.
"You are gorgeous" he said with a nice smile.
I stood there stunned.
"Wow. Thank you......I needed that this morning," I said with complete and utter thanksgiving.
"Well, you deserve it. You are just gorgeous." he said politely, without an ounce of anything but kindness.
With that, he hopped in his mail truck and I got in my car, feeling like the world is a gorgeous place.
Its' amazing how a stranger at a gas station can change your entire attitude.
I'm still feeling rather gorgeous.....
That mailman deserves a raise!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Go deep!

It's been a rough couple of weeks for many, many college football fans of a certain revered and wonderful educational institution.
Something terrible and awful and absolutely evil happened in our state.
Good people have been hurt. Lives have been changed.
Wrongs need to be made right.
A way of life has changed.
Trusts are broken.

What's happened has begged all of us to go very deep.

Although I have found myself part of many conversations over the past two weeks involving this particular situation, I am not going to share my personal opinions on everything and everybody at this point.
But, I want to say something.....
We were never, ever fans of that particular football team at my house. My kids were never raised on loving that team. In fact, they were raised quite the opposite. We didn't teach them to hate that team. It was just a sports thing steeped in a long standing tradition of rivalry between two neighboring universities playing football.
Nothing more. Nothing less.

We didn't dislike that team because of what we felt they stood for or who they were as people. In fact, we didn't even know much about them in that regard. Their antics always made for good conversation and banter. My entire family--from my oldest uncle to my youngest cousin are fierce supporters of our "hometown college team"--where many of them as well as my own husband are alumni. It was always a joke that we didn't let anyone "marry outside"....

The other team was always a looming, larger-than-life force--supported and promoted by their league of adoring and steadfast alumni and friends. Their devotees would fill their stadium--traveling miles and miles, over big mountains, dipping down into huge valleys to it's idyllic setting in the happy hills of central Pennsylvania--even on the most frigid of winter days when the snow made it almost impossible to see the treacherous road ahead. Yet, they came in throngs for every home game, for every big event--no matter what the time or temperature. The devotion of their fans, their students and their alumni had an almost religious aspect to it. There was a power and a passion to their conviction. It was widely known that once you were a fan, you were always a fan. You would spend your life working your vacations, your big events and everything in between around the happenings in that happy valley. You would never forget the chant or the alma mater. You were........(that school)......

Sometimes I wondered if the scorn that many non-fans felt towards them was fed by the rabid, almost maniacal adoration and support of their fan base that many non-fan folks considered cult-like. One was often left to wonder what was in the drinking water in the happy valley that they all considered their mecca, their home base.

What brought about all that love and devotion to a place nestled in the center of Pennsylvania--within 3 hours of any thriving metropolis?

I always sensed that the devotees' love and spirit was fueled more by pride and experience and heartfelt memories than from drinking the local water. We all know how deep our love and our emotions are when it comes to those magical places in our lives where we met wonderful people, explored our interests, broadened our horizons, laughed till we cried......
It gives you a deep sense of love and pride in a place that gave you so much.

My heart goes out these devoted people--seeing something they love so deeply so shattered by something so, so horrible.

About four years ago, I had my very first opportunity to travel the roads to this magical land. I didn't go for a football game, I didn't go for a sporting event and I didn't even go to attend their very popular summer art event. I was not going to see what the place was all about and I had no intention of falling in love with the town. I was making the trip with a heavy heart. I was moving my son there to take a position as a researcher and to enter into PhDland.
As I traveling the godforsaken, barren landscape--where I could see not a mall in sight, I found myself wondering what the hell could be so lovely, so worthy of so much love, about a place out in the middle of nowhere. Then, after 3 hours of traveling--there I found it-- sprawled out amongst the valley was a glorious post card--as if a lovely town just sprouted up amongst the trees and the rolling hills. It was downright awe inspiring. A beautiful site after miles and miles of nothingness.

Four years later, I get what all the adoration of that lovely town is all about. I could imagine spending four wonderful years there among the splendor and beauty that is that town. I'm now addicted to their Chico's store. I think they have one of the best gourmet pizza places in all the land. And, I think the townsfolk are some of the most genuine, serene, welcoming people I ever met. Their mall--although not huge--is not all that bad either. I have never watched a football game but I have spent some time in the bars. I've overlooked the main street, perched at a window seat, devouring one of the best she-crabs soups I have ever had. I never wore an article of clothing sporting the university's name but I have become quite fond of the wines at the little winery way back in the woods.
That little town is much more than football.
The University that fuels that little town is much more than football.
What has happened there is unimaginable.
Heartbreaking. Unforgivable. Unbelievable.
That little town is fighting for it's life.
Everyone's heart has broken.
They live among the devastation and the ruin.
It's a deep, deep hurt and pain.
It's a wound that's bleeding.
We all have to go deep to remember that among all the awful, horrible terribleness is a lovely little town, charitable, kind people, a great University, a talented faculty, a dedicated staff and 97,000 students who are finding their way in life.
It's an education for all of them.
And they are just starting the journey.
It's all very deep.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Yes, I am the anonymus donor.....

of that beautiful big bowl of Halloween candy.

Forgive me friends, I didn't have time to make a fancy appetizer or a tantalizing dessert for your Steeler party. Nor could I break away from my jam-packed Sunday to hang out with all of you and cheer on our team. But, what I was able to do was pack up my ten pounds of leftover Halloween candy, put it in a pretty bowl, tie it up with a fancy ribbon and send it your way. I figured it would be the perfect accompaniment to your famous nacho dip, those firey hot wings and that frosty beer. If you're like me, you always like something a little sweet after all those savory sensations. And, of course, candy is always a wonderful way to celebrate a hometown victory. That's why I decided to slink on to your porch pre-game and deposit that pretty bowl at your door. Trust me, it had nothing to do with the fact that I couldn't keep my hands off of it as it sat on my dining room table. Yes, my intentions were completely sweet and selfless.
Oh and by the way, the bowl is yours to keep.
It's the least I can do for friends who are helping me stay in my pants.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

How many turkeys is too many turkeys?

Today as I checked out at the grocery store, the contents of my cart caused a little bit of distraction from the chaos that defines a Sunday at The Market District. The cashier said "that's a heck of a lot of turkeys!" when she spied the 3 turkeys in my cart. The bagger laughed in agreement. The woman behind me had something to say too--"3 turkeys!! That sure is a lot of turkeys!" Her husband chimed in--"maybe we should go to her house for Thanksgiving..."
I didn't have the guts to tell them all that I had a fourth turkey home in the freezer.

I'm three turkeys closer to Thanksgiving.
There's still lots more to do here in Judiland.....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Countdown to T-giving begins......

Here we are, only two weeks from the biggest foodie day of the year and I'm still dealing with Halloween candy.
Maybe I should just stuff the damn turkey with it right now.....out of sight, out of mind...

On November 1, I told myself and YOU that I would start making my lists, getting my house ready, putting menus together, yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda.
So, before you find out that I have done NONE of that, I am going to confess--I'm no closer to Thanksgiving than I was on November 1.
In fact, I'm closer to Halloween than I am Thanksgiving.
All of the Halloween decor is piled high on the dining room table, there is a huge basket of candy lingering on the buffet and my witch hat is still on top of the armoire.
Panic has now begun to set in.
Perhaps my idea of stuffing the turkey with Halloween candy might not be such a bad idea.
But, I'm thinking I like the prozac stuffing idea better....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On a lighter note.....

not a sunnier note but definitely a lighter note......
It's still dark, dark, dark as midnight outside my window and still dark dark in my heart.
But, I'm not going to just sit here and take it.
I cannot make the sun rise at this ungodly hour but at least I can begin to remedy my heart darkness with not talking about and not thinking about the Cousin Drama of 2011 morning, noon and night.
I'm self medicating with thoughts of some plans for this coming weekend.....
What could be better than a mandated shopping trip?

Yes, mandated. As in, I signed up and paid for a ticket.
So, I gotta go.
I'm doing the Shop Till You Drop Bus Tour on Saturday with a few lovely friends and a slew of fun women.
And, there will be wine.

I'm pretty sure thinking about it all will be just what I will need to light up those parts of my heart where the darkness still lingers.
By the time I board that bus, I need to be free of it all so that I can do what I will be mandated to do--shop till I drop.
A girl needs a lighter step to do that....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Daylight Savings Time Day #2.....IT'S DARK!

So, I have a question---why is it called Daylight Savings Time?
I have not seen daylight since Sunday.
I get up in the dark, go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.
Perhaps that's why I ate chocolate in the darkness of my living room last night....dark chocolate to be exact.
Or, maybe I attacked that damn dark chocolate because I needed to suppress some darkness in my heart.
As tears poured down my face, I sat in a dark living room, devouring dark chocolate.
I don't even like dark chocolate.
Emotional eating behavior at it's darkest.
Definitely my dark side coming out....

Everything is just dark.
I'm not good with dark stuff.
No, not at all.
That's why I wear lipgloss.
I like things shiney and bright.

You know, most days I find smidgens of darkness with my job or my housework or with my schedule or my hair or due to parenting adult children who I can no longer control 24/7 or even disagreements with my husband or dealing with traffic or long lines at the grocery store or rude people and all the things that most of us find not so fun sometimes.
But, I don't typically find darkness in the things that usually bring me great joy.
Unfortunately, darkness has found it's way into a part of my life that has always been an easy joy---a joy that was effortless, light, fun and filled with light--my big happy group of cousins.

I'm feeling completely overwhelmed with sadness and helpless darkness.
The story is rather simple but, of course, the back story is very complex.
The complexity is what has turned that light-filled world dark.
It goes like this---my cousin had a very lovely small dinner for her mother's 90th birthday at a local restaurant.
It was such a nice event--my aunt was thrilled and enjoyed every second of the much deserved attention that was lavished on her.
It was truly a joyous occasion. I love my aunt dearly. I enjoy my cousins tremendously and we always have a lot of laughs.
I was so happy about my aunt's 90th birthday that I brought balloons.
It was that kind of party....there were no balloons....I decided to bring them just to make it a little more special. I had a coupon for 20% off on a dozen of balloons. So, I brought 12!
It wasn't a huge party--it was one of those last minute, let's get together for dinner and sing Happy Birthday kind of things.
I designated myself the photographer of the event.
As I was leaving, several cousins asked me to post my pictures on Facebook.
Of course, I did. I didn't have to be asked--it's what I do.
So, as soon as I got home, I sat down at my computer and posted the pictures along with some fun commentary.
Well, no good deed goes unpunished. Not even posting pictures or buying balloons.
The power of Facebook brought the small dinner at a local restaurant to life for every non-invited cousin on Facebook.
It's not that they were not invited. It just wasn't that kind of party.
But, I guess my pictures and my commentary were so good that I made it look like that kind of party....
Yes, every cousin who was not invited must follow my Facebook pictures. Who knew?
I am thankful that they do. I'm so glad they care.
But, I didn't know they really read everything I write....
I had no idea. Nor did I even think about it.
I honestly did not know people had that much time or cared so much.
Therein lie my huge mistakes--I didn't know and I didn't even think about it.
I posted pictures. I said fun stuff. There were balloons.
Clearly balloons at a restaurant makes any small dinner a big party!

The firestorm began around 9 am Monday morning and did not end until midnight.
I haven't simultaneously apologized and cried so much since I got caught making crank calls to pizza shops with my friends Ginny Lou and Linda in 7th grade.

THOSE pictures that I posted on Facebook have created an explosion of cousins saying nasty things to each other, cousins crying, cousins bringing up past hurts and cousins digging up histories that have long been dead and buried.
It's ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.
I'm heartbroken that my pictures have caused so much pain and grief.
It was never my intent.
It has taken me by complete surprise.
I got a tongue lashing from my own husband.
My son told me I should have known better.
I've been hung up on, yelled at, beaten down via email, texted harsh words and everything in between.
There have been hysterical outbursts and deep, heart wrenching sobs.
And, that was from my male cousins.

My Facebook is now dark.
I've turned off the lights.
I can't imagine I'll be gone forever....I would miss bantering and checking in with my friends and especially my children.
I just need time to walk through the darkness.
It might be something I have to get used to for awhile.

Unfortunately, I don't think the big ta-do has died down yet.
No, I'm pretty sure I'll be having a few more conversations, a few more tears and many more apologies to make.
I don't even know what I'm apologizing for anymore.
I just know that I feel a need to say I'm sorry.
I feel just terrible that my pictures have caused a tsunami among a beautiful group of people who I just love so dearly.
I want it all to go away and I want the sun to shine again.
Can we turn back the clocks?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday? Already?

I'm all messed up.
The time change has taken a toll on me.
Yes, one measly little hour has managed to do me in.
Or, maybe it was just the weekend.
My busy, cookingful and shoppingful and running up and down the highways and biways, wonderfully topsy-turvy, upside down and right side up and all about the town, very lovely weekend.....maybe, just maybe, that's what's got me all messed up.
All I know is that my body says it can't be Monday.
But the damn clock is telling me that is it.
Excuse me while I try to talk some sense into the clock.
If that doesn't work, I guess I'll just put on my new Decadent Fig lipstick and see what happens....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear Weekend, I only have eyes for you! Love, Judi

My love must be a kind of blind love......I can't see anyone but you.

Sunshine is promised.
No snow in the forecast!

My favorite shopping partner is coming home.
So, there will be some shopping going on.

We're celebrating my fav aunt's 90th Birthday.
So, there will be a party.

We get an extra hour of sleep!
So, I'm gonna take it!

I'm meeting up with my forever friend to kick off our annual November cooking classes.
So, there will be lots of chatting and oohing and aahing.

What could be more lovely and wonderful and fun than all of that?
At the moment, I can't think of anything better....

You are here.....So am I.....Maybe millions of people go by.....but they all disappear from view
....I Only Have Eyes For You.

Enjoy your weekends!
(don't forget to change your clocks--FALL BACK!)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Somehow, that says it all.....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The view from here......

Every so often, I find myself overwhelmed by how integral my Lapband is to what my world looks like today.
As much as I believe that the core Judi is still the core Judi, what I do with who I am and how I live out my life with the core Judi is what gives my world a different look.
I happily and proudly admit that it looks very different today from what it looked like just 4 short years ago.
And, I have my Lapband to thank for that.
I could count the ways and list them out for you right here but my list is just so long that I'm quite sure I'd forget a few important ones or I'd run out of time....I do have to get to work today.
If you read my blog....I'm sure you've figured it out.
I've swan dived into almost every aspect of my life with more joy, more ghusto, better fashion and a much better attitude.
All because I lost 115 pounds?
Well, sort of.
But, that doesn't tell the complete story.
The complete story is much more complex and deeper than that.
Like anyone else, I have my issues.
Some of them I will never solve, some of them I am trying to solve and others aren't even worth working on at this point.
But the problem that I did solve was one that hovered over every aspect of my life--the issue of my weight.
The success of how that all turned out gave me a sense of accomplishment and a faith and a trust in myself that I have never known. It spurred me on to conquer other challenges, to strive to realize some of my dreams--even if they were as shallow as wearing a belt or a bathing suit or as seemingly minor as attending my husband's business functions without hesitation or the big ones....the zadzillion big ones....
Just typing this wells my eyes up with tears.....
Yes, I just love my Lapband....

Over the past 30+ hours as my stomach has been doing some major flip flops, my fear that there might be an issue with my Lapband has had me reflecting on my Lapband love even more.
Why is it that the fear of losing something you love makes you realize that you don't want to live without it?

Let's hope I just ate something that just doesn't agree with me.
I'll even take a touch of the flu.
Just don't let it be my Lapband....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November........

Let the cooking begin.

Yes, I know, the jack-o-lanterns aren't even off the porch.
But, we all know how quickly time flies.
Here in Judiland, once we drop the last of the candy into the little trick-or-treaters bags, my mind turns quickly to all of the menu planning, cooking and entertaining that lies ahead between now and the first day of 2012.
I've been dealing with a few Lap band issues...or maybe it's the flu...or maybe it's something else....I'm not very sure what the hell is happening in this stomach of mine. I spent the greater part of Halloween with my head either in my trash can at the office, praying that I'll get to a worthy vomit container or bent over the porcelain trophy. So, it's hard to even wrap my head around thinking about all the food that lies between me and the start of the New Year. No matter. I'm not letting the stomach goblins deter me from all of the food thinking I have to do in the next few days.
Yes, the next few days.
A girl has gotta plan it out.
There's no time to take a time out for figuring out if my Lapband is messing with me, if I ate something that didn't agree with me or if it's really a flu bug.
I'm ignoring it, I'm willing it away and if none of that works.....I'm gonna deal with it.
There's recipes and menus and turkeys and appetizers and drinks and table settings to start thinking about....
Here in Judiland, there's no time to stop for whatever is plaguing me. I have to get my head in the food game. I can't let anything stop me from feeding the hunger that comes with a vengance for the next two months.
Fingers crossed.
And I'll be traveling with a suitable container for those moments when whatever is plaguing me decides to rear it's ugly head.....again.
Wish me luck.
Let's talk Turkey....