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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Welcome to Judiland's Word of the Day Countdown to Christmas.....Day 15!

Only 10 days until Christmas!

Today's word is: Home

As in.....Welcome to my Holiday Home....

Tune in soon for more.....yes, there's more!
Until then, blog friends, I bid you a little good-bye.
You'll just have to come up with your own countdown words until Monday!
Because this Santa's helper is hitting the party circuit for the next few days.
Yep, I'm putting down the tinsel and the bows and I'm packing up the sleigh and partying all the way!

No matter how fun it will all be.....there's no place like HOME.

1 comment:

Jody V said...

If I buy you shoes for 1 year will you come and do my house? Please?