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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Welcome to Judiland's Word of the Day Countdown to Christmas--Day 8!

only 17 more days until Christmas!

Today's word is: Breathe

as in inhale and exhale then take a drink?

The other day I had it confirmed what I have known all of my life.....I am not good at meditating.
Or finding my center.
Or being one with myself.
Or doing yoga poses.
Or resting my brain.
Or communing with my inner being.
Or being quiet for 2 minutes.
Or, not thinking about anything.
Or, keeping my spine straight while sitting on a hard floor with my legs crossed Indian-style.

You see, we have this lovely graduate intern working with us who kindly offered to do a meditation session with our staff during a regularly scheduled meeting.
The meeting was at 10:15 am, I had been running late all morning, traffic was a bear, it was raining, I had a to-do list at my desk that was as long as my arm, my daughter was stressing over final exams and just had to tell me about it, my son was dealing with a skin infection, my husband was dealing with being my husband and my pre-lit Christmas tree that no longer lights is not even up yet and dining room was a wreck and there were dishes in the sink and my dad wanted stew for dinner.
But, of course, I wanted to learn to meditate.
She said it was the key to relaxation.
I was just confused as to why I couldn't have a cigarette and a martini....aren't those two key elements in order to reach a state of relaxation?

Breathe, Judi. Just breathe.

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Grandma Bonnie said...

LOLZ. A cigarette and a martini. You hit the nail on the head with that one. Although I was FORCED to give up the cigs and keep a grip on the martini.