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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another day.....another celebration.....

It's Carmen's birthday!

Yes, my guitar-strumming, rock-n-roll singin', Steelers-lovin', recliner snoozin'', stressed-out, work-obsessed, martini sippin', scotch swiggin', beer gulpin', engineer husband is celebrating another milestone on his journey.
Smack-dab in the middle of all the holiday hoopla, we are all putting aside our chores and our daily schedules and all of our Christmas week activities to make it a very special day.
It's a 24 hour Carmenfest.
Well, maybe not 24 hours...he might not last that long.
After all, he is celebrating #54.
No matter.
With the help of the collective brainpower of my full nest, we have put together a day that's focused entirely on what we think he'll want to do with a little wiggle room for what he decides he wants to do...
The boys are starting out with a visit to the Carnegie Science Center to visit the Steelers' SuperBowl trophies. We're sure it will bring a tear to his eye as he talks (and talks and talks and talks) about his Super Bowl memories of days gone by.
Then, it's on to meet up with Toni and I in the South Side of Pittsburgh for a fun lunch at Fat Head's Saloon---where there's lots of fancy beers and excellent bar food (both are things that are near and dear to the birthday boy's heart....) plus tons of Pittsburgh memorabilia that will surely warm the cockles of his heart.
Once we're sufficiently fueled up, talked out and nicely tuned, we're taking on the sights and sounds of South Side---there's no telling where our meandering hearts and celebrating souls will take us.
As in life---sometimes you just have to follow your heart and feel the beat of your soul.

Happy Birthday Carmen!
(he doesn't read my blog so if you see him, tell him that I sent him cyber kisses and hugs!)

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Lee Ann said...

Sounds like a great birthday! Fat Head's has the BEST hamburgers I have had ANYWHERE. And I've been a lot of places. Most Pittsburghers swear by Tessaro's. I think they're crazy (but no offense if you're one of 'em). Fat Head's is better by a landslide. And you will love this Judi--my 3 year old has developed a fascination with the Statue of Liberty after seeing one made of holiday lights in Hartwood Acres. He told me he wanted to be the Statue of Liberty for Halloween. But not just ANY Statue of Liberty---he wants to be The Steelers Statue of Liberty.