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Friday, December 30, 2011

I surrender!

Yes, I gave in.
Don't think less of me.
After a few years of listening to lots of moaning and groaning and pitiful drama over the fact that our big-enough screen TV was just too damn small for football and that it was somehow destroying my husband's life and possibly our marriage, I let myself be dragged to the store with the ridiculously big TVs. Once I was there, I succumbed.
We bought the ridiculously big TV.
After all, it was Carmen's birthday.
And, he had fed me 2 Cosmo's for lunch.
I'm now one of those women who has a honking huge TV smack in the middle of her living room.
Don't talk about me, please.
I will have you know that no sooner did we own that TV, I demanded a suitable TV stand that would fit my taste.
I refused to go home until we found it.
I'm one tough bitch.
You want a bigger screen TV? No problem.
Let me list my demands:
*The perfect TV stand that will fit with my decor. Yes, dear.
*The big-enough TV that was once where the ridiculously big TV is now is to be mounted in my little office off of the kitchen at a perfect angle so that I can see it as I am blogging and doing other various big computer related things. Yes, sweetie.
*And, the sort of big-enough TV that was once in my office is now to be mounted in my bedroom at a perfect angle for me to view from my bed while I am propped up on pillows sipping wine or chai. Yes, my love.

For good measure.....I also got a lovely diamond cluster ring and a sheepskin and shearling coat out of the deal.
Things I did not even demand.
I just happened to try them on in a little vintage shop I demanded to stop in.
Carmen encouraged me to get them---no, no, he was actually ripping his wallet out of his back pocket saying things like the coat looked way too good on me to pass up and the ring reminded him the first ring he ever bought me (that I lost sometime in the 70's).
Yes, darling! Who in the hell is this guy?What a man won't do for a ridiculously big screen TV!
Especially 4 days before a ridiculously big Steeler game.


Gerry said...

I never thought I would love my big HD tv but it is great!

Sam said...

Just think of that coat and ring as a little bit of compensation for the hardship you have to endure from such a big TV :o)