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Monday, December 5, 2011

Welcome to Judiland's Word of the Day Countdown to Christmas.....Day 5!!!!

Only 20 days until Christmas!

The word for today is: Decking
as in....decking the halls and the roof....

The weather was so spectacular yesterday that I was able to get Carmen to venture out on to our master bedroom "roof balcony" to finally fulfill a dream of mine---to decorate it for Christmas!
I have always wanted to decorate our little balcony but the weather never cooperated. The first year we lived here, I did brave the elements to go out there to decorate but the wind was so severe (our house is at a very high elevation), the garland kept flying away as I was trying to attach it to the railing. Yeah, that was fun....
This is the first year in many that decorating day wasn't snowy or windy or icy or frigid. What that means is that the outdoors are decked.
Inside--needs decking.

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