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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcome to Judiland's Word of the Day Countdown to Christmas--Day 3!

Only 22 more days until Christmas!

The word for today is: Sparkle
as in.....that's what I plan on doing tonight!

Big doings here in Judiland tonight.
We're heading to a festive and somewhat quasi-dressy dinner party at the mega fabulous home of a big-time executive at the company Carmen toils for. It's as much of a social event as it is a business event--or so I've been told. So, no matter how yummy those cocktails are or how perfect those wines are--I have to limit my consumption. I don't want to start trash talking during the pre dinner mix and mingle portion of the night and I don't want to fall off my chair during dinner service. Although that might be kinda fun.....
Since I can't do the tipsy Judi thing, I had to find another way to make my presence known!
So, I opted for some fabulous fashion finds to pump up the volume on what I know will be a sea of dark pants, black pumps, demure dresses and other ho-hum and politically correct "wear to the big bosses' house" garb.
I've decided to add a little glitz and glam to what will surely be a very nice but not so rockin' holiday party.
I figure, if you can't add sparkle with your antics, you must do it with fashion.
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Jody V said...

Have a fabulous time! Do post a pic of what you wore Sparkle Queen!

Kathy said...

I wouldn't expect anything less from you Judi. Please do post a photo of your garb. And have a great time.