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Sunday, December 27, 2009

'Twas 2 days after Christmas.....

and all through the house, everyone is smarter than Judi the louse.....

Yes, friends, I live with
Three Wise Men....
(well, in my case...2 wise men
and 1 wise woman)

Did you know that I am living with three of the smartest people on the planet?
Yes, it's true.... three of the smartest people on this planet live right my house.
Lucky, lucky me.

I don't know about your house, but here in Judiland, everyone has an opinion about everything!
From what I cook to what I say to what I do and everything else in between.
Everything....and I mean up for debate.
And, it's making me crazy.
Very crazy.
It's hard to imagine that I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow.
I'm going to leave Mr. PhD and Miss College Co-ed home to battle out their smarts on their very own.
And the man of the house can go wow the engineering world with his vast knowledge and supreme intelligence on everything from the proper way to load the dishwasher to the best way to use a remote control while sitting in a recliner.
But, for now....I need to caffeinate myself for another day of fighting the forces of blinding brilliance.....


Dinnerland said...

Honey child: I am THERE with you. My husband knows EVERYTHING (or rather, he thinks he does.)
While I absolutely adore him, his know-it-all-ness really grates on me and challenges me at times.

But in a rational frame of mind I see it this way: men are know it alls because they have to prove themselves in a 'brute intelligence strength' kind of way-- if that's their personal thing.

My husband is relatively diminutive for a guy-- 5'8 ish, 170pounds. So he throws his weight around intellectually.

This is my take on it... and you gotta love these guys.
As for your little miss co-ed, isn't that where the 'sophomoric' expression came from for college students?

I am so much 'dumber' in my mind now than I ever was in my sophomoric 20's. The older I get, the more I realize how little I understand. It helps me keep an open mind.

Sorry for this PhD dissertation on your blog comments-- but I had to say it!!

Debbie said...

I think we need some quality Judi & Debbie time at Houlihans with a bottle of Montevino... NO CHILDREN, NO HUSBANDS.... Just two old friends that won't pass judgement on each other.

Jody V said...

Oh Judi...hang in there! Sometimes I find it's better to not speak at all. It'll get to them...believe me.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...mine don't live under the same roof (thank God!)but put them together for a simple gift exchange game and the analyzing starts. How many times should a gift be recycled to the same person,or lets discuss the price limit - they all know the prices at the stores. Hubby on the other hand is wondering how many people can fit in this house w/o the fire marshall knocking on his door. Sounds dumb? It is, or my oldest brilliant child that he is, trying to outsmart his bil or his youngest sister's boyfriend. Its a hoot right????