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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning......!

On this cold and dark December morning, I shuffled across the hall to witness a beautiful site--my little girl slumbering under a pile of pink and ruffles. Her angelic face, silky locks and delicate little hand peeking out from a sea of pastel froth with the smell of her perfume filling the air, mingling with the scents of Christmas candles and pine. Ahhhhh......
Now, I just have to fill the bedroom next to hers and my world will once again feel right.
As I descended the steps and spied the Christmas tree--twinkling in the darkness of the living room--just waiting for my two children to cover it in their special ornaments--all of the stresses that filled my heart and mind these past few weeks suddenly felt lighter.
And, I am once again.....completely and utterly overwhelmed by the joy and peace that mother love can bring.

Thanks to the kindness of my incredibly sweet and extremely adorable niece (who happens to go to graduate school in Collegeland with Toni), my little girl came home two days earlier than expected. What a lovely Christmas surprise. Hard to believe she's finished her first semester as a college girl. Even harder to believe is that her mother made it through.
Now, my holidays can truly begin.....
Oh yes, I am merry.


Jody V said...

I am really happy for you Judi...really happy! Enjoy!


Debbie said...

It's party time at Houlihan's !!!!!

Anonymous said... thats awesome. Glad you're feeling good. You're such a great mom.


Jen from Oregon said...

A beautiful morning indeed!
Thank you for your comment :)

Enjoy your Holiday