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Thursday, December 10, 2009

All I want for Christmas is......

it's time to make our lists!

Yes, it's true, blog friends, my blog has a direct link to Santa this year.

No need to email your wishlists to Santa or throw them in the mailbox.

Now that Santa has been Lapbanded (remember this?), he's an avid reader right here on Stories From the Road.

What's on your Christmas list this year?


Anonymous said...

Well...I was going to say nothing.Throughout the year hubby and I buy the trinkets and electronics we want, but I could use a tricycle. Yep one of those old lady trykes as I don't know how to ride a regular bike. Thought it would be fun and good exercise.


Kathy said...

I too usually buy what I want during the year but it's still nice to have a present or two to open on Christmas morning. My husband and I always agree not to exchange gifts and then we end up buying something for each other but we usually know what it is and don't bother wrapping it. For instance I wanted an electic tea kettle and yesterday I got it. It's pretty cool. Then he say there in front of me and ordered the Calphalon Unison pans I've been drooling over. He wanted to make sure he ordered the right ones so I had to be there. I usually don't want something like that for Christmas and he usually gets me something more personal but these pans are pretty awesome. By the way, I didn't know Santa had a LapBand.

Jody V said...

Dear Santa,

Thank you and Judi for my size 14! Now...I would like either a Camaro convertible or a Mercedes hard top with T roofs...whatever you decide is fine!

Lots of love,