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Monday, December 7, 2009

Silent night.........?

Everyone must have been very busy yesterday.
Perhaps you were decorating or shopping or baking or doing some holiday thing.
Or, maybe you were having visions of sugar plums.
Or, maybe you were sleeping or getting a pedicure or you were hungover or you might have been stringing popcorn.
Or, who knows.....maybe you thought I was being extra nosey with all my questions.
Well....I forgive you all for not sharing your inner most Christmas secrets.
After's not like I answered my own questions! Right?

Alrighty then, I guess I better set a good example.....

Egg nog or hot chocolate?
Definitely HOT CHOCOLATE! We use Williams Sonoma--I spice it up with a little dash of cinnamon, vanilla and cayenne pepper and top it off with marshmallow creme. Can't wait until the kids get home so I have good excuse to make it!
But, with that being said....I make a mean Egg Nog. I don't like it but Vince loves it....

Favorite Christmas carol?
When I need a little's O Holy mom's fav.
When I just need to think "Christmas"'s White Christmas
When I want to get my feeling good and smiling vibes's Bruce's rendition of Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town. I have so many memories of concerts sitting in E-5.....

Favorite Christmas movie?
Again, I'm a fickle girl....
When I want to feel warm and holidayish....White Christmas
When I want to laugh.....Jingle All the Way
On, geez....I love 'em all....
No matter what....I'm a sucker for holiday movies....!

What's on the top of your Christmas tree?
This is a tough question since I have only managed to put one Christmas tree up so dining room tree. On the top of that tree I have a spiked, sparkled, snow covered thingy with a white and gold chiffon bow attached with a fluffy angel that has a Merry Christmas wire thingy sticking out of it....
Oh yeah...that explains it real well...
And, I'm not sure if what usually tops our big family tree will actually work this year since it was on it's last leg last year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my rotating Avon Santa and His Sliegh will continue flying on the top of my tree! I love it!!!
As for all the other trees......I have not put them up yet. Who knows what will top depends on what kind of mood I am in!!!

What's your favorite Christmas tradition?
My Christmas Eve drink with's the one time in his busy world that he actually makes my drink. He makes a perfect martini. I wait all year for it. It's the most relaxed time the two of us share all year long.

What's your favorite Christmas food?
Pasta with aglio olio. I miss pasta so much!!!!

What is your best Christmas memory?
Christmas Eve when I was growing up with my mother and our big Italian family. I only had 14 years of it---but those years have lingered on in my Christmas heart. After my mother died, I dreamed about doing it "when I grew up". Someday, I will recreate that memory and give myself and my children the gift of that very special time. During the holidays, my biggest heartbreak is that I have never been able to fully keep that tradition. But, I dream of the day when I will.

Alright, now that I have bared my Christmas soul perhaps YOU can be brave and do the same!
Yeah, Happy Monday!!!!


Anonymous said...

oops sorry I missed your post are mine:

Hot chocolate

no fav xmas carol, i love them all

"Christmas Vacation", "White Christmas" and "Home Alone"

A punch Tin star cuz I decorate prim style but I have an angel that my aunt made which is special because she just recently passed away.

One of our traditions is always eating Monkey Bread for breakfast on Christmas morning on my Christmas dishes.

Cookies are my fav xmas food (duh!)

I have alot of memories, but one special one is when I was little we always went to my mother's friends house and I would get my first present there on Christmas Eve. She always had silly little gifts for everybody's kids. She died a long time ago but she was one of my mother's dearest friends and I always felt love at her house. Her husband was a very tall man and a judge and I was always scared of him, yet he was actually a big teddy bear. I miss them alot!

Jill from NY

Gerry said...

Spiked egg nog

My favorite Christmas carol is "O Holy Night" but Christmas song is "Its' the most wonderful time of the year!"

It's between Christmas Story Christmas Vacation

An Angle trimmed in red since my decorations are only red and gold.

Christmas eve dinner with my family.

Christmas cookies!

The year my brother and I turned five. I got a huge doll house and he got a gas station. It was a very festive time because mostly all my loved ones were still alive.

Anonymous said...

Both hot chocolate and egg nog (hey I'm a food addict).

Love all Christmas carols, especially Silent Night in spanish makes me boo-hoo.

Christmas Story and Its a Wonderful Life.

A long frosted glass star.

Our Christmas eve celebration. Traditional Noche Buena.

Deserts...if its sweet I love it.

I have lots of great memories one in particular stands out. It was the year I got a typewriter. I was in h.s. and had tried peaking at my gifts. Mom caught me and said "go ahead open it". I couldn't do it, the look of disappointment in her face said it all.I was glad I waited.Lesson learned!


Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

Late as usual.........
Definitely Hot Chocolate. Always been too chicken to try egg nog.

Christmas Carols --I break up into two categories. Religious and not.
Religious--Oh Holy Night and Silent Night
Non- White Christmas

Christmas Movie – White Christmas.

Top of Christmas tree--last year a Santa. This year, no tree (gasp)

Christmas Tradition-- going to my Aunts on Christmas day and Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

Food- Ok this is weird, My Aunt Babe's cole slaw. I know, I know.

Memory -- Well it isn't my memory but my fathers. He tells the story every year and we wait for it every year so I guess it's turned into a memory of him telling the story as long as I can remember.
When they were kids they were very, very poor. My Grandmother used to tell them that if they didn't get everything they asked for, it was because Santa was old and a little hard of hearing just like Aunt Bid. So chances are, he just didn't hear them ask. (Great thinking on her part, I must say!)
So one Christmas morning my Uncle Paul woke up ran downstairs and looked for his presents. Of course there was only an orange and an apple. He turned and promptly claimed.
"Goddamnsonofabitch must have been stone deaf, I didn't get a God damn thing I asked for!"