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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Going out like a chicken......

You know that saying.....March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.  Or, is it visa versa?
Well, whatever.
I'm taking out March with a chicken.....
As in--that's what is on the menu here in Judiland on this last Sunday of March.
And, this chicken recipe is so lovely that I just knew I had to tell you about it.
It's been taste tested many times--by friends and family alike.  And, its always met with wild applause and smacking lips.  Like I's lovely.  
My original plan was to cook this recipe as the sun was streaming through the windows as I watched soft breezes ripple through the trees in my yard.  
When I was putting today's dinner together in my head, I saw it as a  Celebrate Spring meal.
As the plan was coming together and I was envisioning a beautiful Spring Sunday with my pretty Spring table cloth a top the table with vases of tulips as the centerpieces, it was so easy to decide on that chicken recipe.  It's just such a  Spring Chicken.  As the scene progressed in my mind, I decided that the chicken's fresh and lively flavors demanded accompaniments that were just as Spring inspired.   
With that thought in mind, I took to my menu diary and came up with the perfect plan---I'd make a salad with a wonderful vinaigrette that I've made many times,   an absolutely delish Spring Peas with Dates and Walnuts recipe and this Goat Cheese risotto that I find absolutely heavenly.   To end the meal on a sweet Spring note, I decided on picking up some pistachio gelato.  With a bottle of one of my favorite white wines---a fresh and frisky Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc--I just knew this was going to be the perfect Spring meal.  
So, imagine my surprise when I was awaken this morning by a blustery burst of wind and snow pouncing on my window pane.  As I fumbled and bumbled out into the hallway, I was stricken by this cruel twist of fate.  This was no way to venture out on what I had imagined as a Spring trip to the market--wearing my cropped boy friend jeans, a quarter-length sleeved tee with a light knit poncho, a sweet straw fedora and a pair of jaunty Bernie Mev's with no socks.  How could I buy tulips on a day that was so winter-like?
As I sipped my new favorite morning tea, I gazed out into the cold, dark, windy, snowy landscape and  found comfort in the fact that I bought Toni a fun, girly ice scraper yesterday for the new car she just got this weekend.  I smiled at the memory of me slipping it into the trunk as a joke....with a little note telling her that it would come in handy next winter.
As I pulled out the Spring dishes I had planned on using, I was woeful---wondering if I should just wait until another Sunday to do the Spring dinner thing.  For a fleeting moment, I thought to myself--maybe I should just make chili or something very winter-like. 
No. Judi. 
No. No. No.
It's a Spring Sunday.
And, I'm making chicken. 

But I'm putting on boots and my winter coat. 

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