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Thursday, March 27, 2014

A funny happened on the way to the forum....

You just never know what will happen along the way.......
Yesterday's blog entry stayed with me all day.  
Yes, the blog entry that I wrote.  
Which....I a good thing.  
In fact, it's still humming in my brain this morning.  
Even though when I sat down to peck out that posting, it felt inconsequential and selfish, it has somehow fueled my thinking and made me ponder where I am and what I want going forward. 
Yet, most importantly,  it  reminded  me how important our words are not only to ourselves but to others.....
It was one particular reader's comments that are beating in my heart this morning.
 She said:

Judi, I have followed your blog since being banded in 2009, you were & still are a huge inspiration to me. You didn't stop living to diet, you taught me how to incorporate real life & making smart choices. Before you, I thought to lose weight I had to give up much of the good things in life. 
Your living proof that's not required.

Powerful, huh?

So, if I do nothing else this week or this month, I feel triumphant and pleased with myself.....thanks to a lovely woman hundreds of miles away who I never met, whose blog I never read, whose life I knew nothing about until now and who took the time to respond to my inconsequential and selfish plea for validation.  
And, just as importantly, I feel renewed in my motivation to always find a way to land here on Stories from the matter how many dishes I have to leave unwashed.
Her comment gave me a feeling of renewal and energy.  
And, a desire to stay on this journey and share it as I go.....

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Chris said...

Hundreds of miles or just a few feet away, you are more of an inspiration than you realize :)