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Thursday, March 13, 2014

A new trick......

Balloon swallowing.....
.......while making 20 pounds disappear! 

 Look at me, look at me....I swallowed a balloon and I lost 20 pounds!
By now, I am sure most of you have heard about the newest "diet pill" called Obalon that promises weight loss.....
You know the swallow a balloon and aren't hungry at all!  
Me?  I'm a weight loss junkie.   Like I've told you a million times before, I get pretty damn excited when I hear about a new weight loss promise.   It's just my nature.   I can't help myself.  I go hog wild researching them and reading about them and fantasizing about them.....
I'm silly like that.
At the moment, Obalon is not available in the United States.  But, a quick trip to Mexico or Italy or Spain will get you into the balloon swallowing magic school.
Now, I have to be honest might sound like I am poo-pooing this idea.  I am not.  I have to be honest....I'm intrigued and have more hope for it's effectiveness than I have had in other things that might not sound as crazy as balloon swallowing.  
Like the article says--the premise is pretty simple---make less room in the stomach for food and you will eat less.
Isn't that what I did by getting a Lap Band?
In fact, I sort of have an inflated balloon (more like an intertube) in my which I had to go through surgery to have done.   Let's face it....the idea of the Lap band probably sounded kind of crazy when it was first out there.....right?
So, not all ideas are crazy.  In fact, thank God for ideas.   Weight loss challenged people need more and more smart people coming up with good ideas to help them! 
Sometimes we can all get a little cynical about the big business of weight loss and we can find ourselves suspicious of the motives of  the diet industry.   I get it.  
But, when I think of all of the people who are suffering from the atrocities of being overweight or obese and then I look at the millions of people who were helped....and even weight loss surgery or some type of medical intervention......I realize that we have to put aside our biases towards it all and step up and take control of the information for ourselves.
In the end, we are responsible for our journeys.
But, it's always nice when we get a little help.
Swallowing a balloon might sound crazy.
Some of the best things started out as crazy.  
Think about it. 

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