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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Busting at the seams......

No. Not my pants.
My life.  

 So, yes, that's my lame but very true excuse for being absent from 
Stories from the Road for 9 solid days. 
The funny thing is that not being here has caused quite a conundrum for me.  My blog is my connection to keeping me connected to my never-ending journey to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy life.
 I need to be here. 
Yep.  I know it. 
Even though many of my blog entries don't even mention anything even related to my Lap band or my weight, it's still a reminder that I am on a journey.  And, for me to stay on this journey, I need to come here and share whatever is happening in my life or at the very least--to provide for myself a committed forum to just share whatever it is that I want to share. 
Even if I am just sharing it with my keyboard and my screen.  
It's the connection that  I cannot abandon because this blog is part of my journey. 
It started out that way and I am finding that it will always remain that way.  
Silly as it sounds---now that all the hallaballoo about Judi losing weight and how different I look and how wonderful I've done and how great it is that I lost this weight is over and done with--I need some way to connect myself to others who are on this journey and if not with others--at least with myself. 
Did you follow that?
If not, don't worry.  I am trying to make sense of it too. 
All I know is that  even after almost 7 years of living with my Lap band and even after 5 years of living in a body that reaped the benefits of my weight loss surgery, I still need to find a place to land where I am accountable. 
Accountable to who? You ask. 
To my blog.  
Yep.  I know it.
But, there's this little piece of me that can and will go rogue if I don't have someplace to check in to say "this is my journey....".  
So, here I am.  
If I ever disappear, please come and find me!!! 

The only way I can figure NOT to bust out of the seams of my pants is to make time for Stories from the Road and spend a few extra moments bouncing around reading blogs about others who are also on their very own journeys of health and happiness through weight loss and/or weight maintenance.  
So, even if my life feels so overwhelming that some days I'm not sure if I will find the time to take the dishes out of the dishwasher, I have to eek out a moment to come here and journey continues.....and we are all in this together.   
It makes a whole lot of sense to me. 
Even if it makes no sense to anyone else. 
Even if there's no one even reading this.  
And, even if those damn dishes stay in the dishwasher forever. 
Just know that I am here. 
And, if I am NOT here and YOU ARE HERE......I command you to call out to me and tell me that I can't leave. 
Yes, I know, I am bossy. 


KajunDee said...

Judi, I have followed your blog since being banded in 2009, you were & still are a huge inspiration to me. You didn't stop living to diet, you taught me how to incorporate real life & making smart choices. Before you, I thought to lose weight I had to give up much of the good things in life. Your living proof that's not required.

Jody V said...

Of course I'm here! Since the beginning and I look back now on your blog for motivation!

Darlin1 said...

I'm soooo with you! 4 years on this banded journey and can't write my own blog but find motivation in yours!