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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yes, Judi, there is a FREE LUNCH.......and A FREE DINNER......

it's called.....going to Sam's and Trader Joe's and trying all the samples then heading to Williams Sonoma to taste test what they cook!


Although if truth be told.....with all the cash I dropped at all three places yesterday.....there was nothing FREE about those meals......  

Last night, by the time I rolled into the house, I realized that I did not have a real meal all day long.
I  happily survived on free samples and taste testing.  I was completely satisfied! 
Ah, another joy of Lapbanding.  
Then, I realized that I also managed to enjoy an entire Saturday afternoon of wine-ing and dining on tastey wines and wonderful little morsels of food this past weekend....without spending a dime.
Unless you count the cash I dropped on the 2 cases of wine, the 6 amazing artisan cheeses and the vast collection of spices and herbs I toted home with me......oh and let's not forget those truly delightful crackers that I didn't think I could live without.   Blame it on the wine!  
A fun little wine cafe in Yellow Springs, OH

This past weekend, we managed to escape our little suburban hamlet for a bit.
We made a mad dash out of town....we took a little time for ourselves---getting massages and then languishing over a 2 martini lunch.  Then, we hooked up with our son the doctor and spent the rest of the time discovering his little suburban hamlet and the villages and towns nearby. 
Our original plan was sidetracked a bit when Carmen's work schedule went topsy turvy on us.  Although the poor guy did try to make up for it by driving into town on Thursday night to surprise me at my office but since I was at a meeting off-site, that didn't go so well.
Thankfully, Friday worked itself out so that we could spend a little time away from his work obligations.....thus the massage and lunch.
However, it also meant that we had to leave to come home much earlier than originally planned...forgoing a few of the plans that I had so carefully made.  
But, work beckoned him back so that meant that I was on my own once I dropped him off for his meeting.  
Typically, when I have time on my hands, I find myself at the mall.
However, since I had done quite enough shopping on our little trip, I decided I should probably use the time more wisely---like getting a good deal of my Thanksgiving groceries.
Thus the trips to Sam's, Trader Joe's  and Williams Sonoma.
Because we left our son's in the wee hours and drove in a punishing down pour and Carmen was on a pretty tight schedule, we didn't stop for anything to eat or drink....there wasn't a Starbuck's in the middle of the cornfields.  I was not too happy about that.
So, by the time I found my way to civilization five hours later, I was in need of some major nourishment.  But, I had no time to waste---I wanted to get to Sam's to start checking things off of my long list of  Thanksgiving needs so that I could get home, unload them and then head to Trader Joe's for more necessities and get to Williams Sonoma in time for my cooking class.  
Fortunately, Sam's and Trader Joe's had some great samples that covered all of my dietary needs for the day....cheese, roasted turkey, cauliflower au gratin and cranberry compote.  
The parmesean mashed potatoes, herbed pop overs and cornbread stuffing at Williams Sonoma rounded out my day.
Thank you dear Lapband (and Sam's and Trader Joe's and Williams Sonoma)......I would not have had the energy to make myself something to eat last night. 
I was exhausted from our busy weekend......which I will tell you more about later.....



Catherine55 said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! :)

Jody V said...

So...another post is required on what you bought!