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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another November to remember.......

My  92 year old father always tells me.....the older you get, the faster the time goes.
Yes....with age comes wisdom.
And, that man is so filled with wisdom that he's busting at the seams. 

I'm sure I've told you about my father a few hundred times.  
He's a true character.
One of the things that my father loves more than anything else is....FOOD.
That man just loves to eat. 
Always has.
I guess that explains a thing or two about where I get my foodlove from....
At this point of his life, food has taken on even more importance.....for more reasons than just nourishment and taste and something to do.
You see, eating time is also a time when he gets to interact with others---not just with his TV set or his books.
These days, he lives with my sister who is a single mom and she and my other sister and I care for him and take turns making sure he has his meals and  that all of his needs are met.
All he has to do is sit in his chair and watch TV and read his books and we take care of the rest.
So, as you can imagine--breakfast, lunch and dinner are huge events.
Holidays are even larger events....because there is even more food!
And, more people around to give him food!
Such was the situation at our annual Turkey Fry the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
We host a Turkey Fry each year at our house for family and friends.  It's more of a party type of atmosphere than a true Thanksgiving sit down dinner.   What that means is that there's lots of party type foods around---including lots of my dad's favorites---chips and cheese and crackers and nuts
Plus, there's lots of people milling about, filling their plates with food and eating it within his site.
Even though we make him a nice dish of  his favorite things as soon as he gets there, he is always eyeing for more. But, he knows that he is not supposed to eat so much of that kind of stuff.   And, he has a healthy fear of one of his daughters (not me!) about what he he knows that he has to be very cunning on how he gets what he wants.  So, he takes great care to plan it out---enlisting his grandchildren and other guests to get him his treats---instructing them to give it to him without anyone noticing.  And, he is very careful NEVER to ask the same person twice.  So, God knows how many plates of chips and cheese and crackers and nuts he actually eats.  And, then he eats the main course--turkey, stuffing, potatoes, etc.... and the desserts.
And, he is happy. 
Very happy.
This past Tuesday as I was chatting with him during dinner, I asked him if he ate enough for Thanksgiving and at our Turkey Fry.   He told me that he didn't really eat all that much because he is watching what he eats---he doesn't want to gain too much weight. 
(Another thing I should mention about my father is that he always says he is on a diet.)
Of course, I didn't challenge him.   He is, afterall, my father.....

Our little conversation got me to thinking about how much I am like my father. 
When I was heavier and battling my weight---I would never admit to all the food that I ate.
In fact, I don't even know if I realized how much I ate.
But, I always found a way to eat what I wanted.  I just never admitted to it. 
Knowing the joy that food brings to my father now, I wonder if I will be the same way.
And, I wonder if I will come to resent my  Lapband for taking that joy away from me....when I'm 92. 


Catherine55 said...

I don't think you'll resent your band at all! Seems to me that you enjoy living your life to the fullest in all kinds of ways that wouldn't have been possible before. My guess is that you'll be thinking of that at 92, and be happy. :)

speck said...

92 years young....I love it! Bless his heart.

I couldn't help but think my dad sounds a lot like yours.(my dad is 83)

Funny story. He bought a sweet potato pie from Walmart(I know!) and decided it wasn't sweet potato.

So he called Walmart and informed them that the sweet potato pie wasn't sweet potato. He said, "I grew up on a farm and I know what a sweet potato taste like"! My mom and I DIED! They told him to come back and get a free pie of his choice! rof

I didn't realize it for a while, but I got a lot of my food addiction from my father.

Enjoyed reading.