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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Time to start drinking!

With all the hub bub of getting ready for Thanksgiving and the comings and goings at my house associated with the holiday, I was neglecting some very important matters.
And, one of those matters was....drinking! 
A few days before Thanksgiving, I had a late evening hair appointment.  I had an extremely busy day at the office, I had a mountain of errands to run after work and I was completely consumed with everything Thanksgiving.   As the day wore on, I was feeling a bit odd.  I figured it was due to the effects of  this lingering cold and eye infection I've been battling since early October.  So, I soldiered on--with my goal of getting into that salon chair and taking a deep breath. 
By the time I got to the salon, I found myself feeling a bit fuzzzy---bordering on confusion.  The strangest feeling came over me---it's as if I could not complete a full thought.  I became a bit frightened by my inability to think straight. Plus, I just felt wierd.   As I waited for my appointment, I flipped through a magazine trying to get my mind off of  my certain terminal disease.  But, I just couldn't shake the feeling that something was horribly wrong with me.  I could not even concentrate on a magazine page and I began to feel woozy and shakey all at once.   Getting a fatal disease before I thawed out my turkeys just wasn't how my life was supposed to go....
My hairdresser---who also happens to be my sister--noted the sweat beads on my forehead and my quivering hands.   "Are you okay?'  she asked.  Naturally, being that she is my younger sister by 16 months, I wanted to shield her from the burden of my awful illness.  
"I think I am dying", I told her. 
At that point, my mouth was pastey dry and I felt like I could just lay down on the floor and sleep forever.
But, considering my roots were grey and my hair was ruining my life, I was determined to get  my beauty treatment--regardless of how close to death I was. 
"Just get me some water, I will be okay"  I told her in my best martyr voice.
She came back with a huge tumbler filled with ice water. 
I started out sipping it but as the water filled my mouth, the urge to gulp it was unavoidable.
It was like a gripping thirst that I just could not quench. 
When I was done with that, she brought me another.
Within moments, I felt so much better. 
Clarity soon returned.  And, when it did.....I realized.....I did not drank any water all day!   In fact, the only drink I had was during the early morning hours when I drank my morning protein shake. 
I was dehydrated....thus the feelings of confusion and shakiness had set in. 
That episode was a huge reminder that I cannot let anything stand between me and my water.
This posting is my reminder to you........DRINK UP!!!!! 


Jody V said...

Glad you're better! Plus wine dehydrates! You and I need to drink extra!!

Darlin1 said...

AMEN sista!

FitBy40 said...

OH, you're so right! If ever I feel dizzy the first thing I do is down a glass of water, and it helps.
I've been trying to drink 16 ounces first thing in the morning before I start my day. That way if the day gets away from me and I forget to keep on top of my water, at least I've got some in me. Funny thing though is when I do start my day like that, I tend not to forget as the day goes on!
Glad you're not dying on us.